59-61 New Briggate
Leeds, England LS2 8JD

The monthly social get-together of the Leeds Flickr Photography Group ( www.flickr.com/groups/leeds ). Everyone welcome!

We're quite a diverse group, of all abilities, and it's far from a geeky kit-fest - we're mainly meeting up to be sociable over a couple of beers, but if you want to come along and ask questions we'd be more than happy to offer advice.

The main meetup involving beer and chatting, is from 7.30/8pm, but some of us meet up from 6pm for a coffee, occasionally a little photography in the city centre, and some food (usually noodles at Fuji Hiro).

Here's the proper running list:

6 - 6:30pm
Cafe Nero, Bond Street - A nice time to catch up and chat over a coffee. We're usually upstairs - look out for a group of people with camera bags - if it's your first time, leave a comment and we'll make sure someone has a camera on the table to be more obvious. ****

6:30 - 7:30
Food - most of us grab some tasty noodles at Fuji Hiro at this point. If anyone wants to take some photos instead then we'll set a theme for the evening and you can do a hour-long speed-shoot around the city centre.

7:30/8pm onward (vague time due to grabbing food - there's usually someone there by 7.30, and generally we're all there around 8pm) - Meet in the Wrens pub (we generally take over the large downstairs room at the rear of the pub - just look out for the cameras / large group of people. If you're worried you won't spot us, get in touch first and we'll ensure theres some cameras in view/send you some mug-shots to look out for)

11:15pm(ish) On occasion the hardcore few can sometimes be found making their way to North Bar for a little night-cap when the Wrens closes.

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=237534939619113

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