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This presentation will cover an overview of LED technology. The current applications, and trends will be described, and LEDs will be compared to conventional lighting technologies. Developments that will need to occur for LEDs to be viable for large area general illumination will be discussed.

Colored LEDs have already become the technology of choice for traffic signals, much of interior and exterior vehicle lighting, signage of various types often as a replacement for neon, and other areas. LEDs are expected to become the dominant technology for most colored lighting applications.

LEDs are penetrating white lighting markets such as flashlights and localized task lighting. With further improvement, LEDs have the potential to become an important technology for large area general illumination. White LED products already have performance of over 40 lumens/watt which is about 3x better than incandescents. Laboratory results of over 80 lumens/watt have been reported. LEDs have the potential to achieve a performance of over 150 lumens/watt which would be roughly 2x better than fluorescents.

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