2710 East Indian School Road
Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Objectivists will kick off the first of a 2 part series covering the issues of global warming and environmentalism.

For our November 8th gathering, we will be joined by Dr. Robert Balling, Jr. who is the former director of the Office of Climatology and is a professor of geography at Arizona State University. He has also co-authored books on this subject such as "The Satanic Gases: clearing the air about global warming" .

Dr. Balling is a confirmed "global warming skeptic" and has been openly critical of former Vice-President Al Gore and the claims he makes in the film "An Inconvenient Truth".

While Objectivists support reason and science, environmentalists use false scientific claims to frighten the unwary. With a doomsday mentality reminiscent of religious fanatics, environmentalists place every possible roadblock (legal and illegal) in the way of new inventions and economic development, both locally and internationally.

Dr. Balling will give a lecture with a Power Point presentation on the findings of his research which clearly demonstrates the questionable science and claims made by environmentalists about global warming.

NOTE: Please be aware that I promised the manager of the restaurant that everyone would buy something to eat in order for our group to use their banquet room for our meetings. His deal is: "each person buys something to eat or the group pays a $10 charge."

Official Website: http://phoenixobjectivists.blogspot.com

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Ryan Mahoski

This sounds like an intriguing lecture. Watch Bjorn Lomberg's Sept 20 talk at Google (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=figJ1nrjUSk) for a complementary macroeconomics rationale. Next Tuesday (Nov 13, 3-5PM), Sir Partha Dasgupta of Cambridge will present "Discounting Climate Change" in ASU's Tempe Center, Room 158 (http://sustainability.asu.edu/giosmain/events). Open to the public.