156 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M5T 2L5

Instructed by Noah Pred

Learn From a Certified Ableton Live 8 Instructor in Canada!

This workshop is an introduction in the use of the popular tool that provides a comprehensive environment for writing, producing and performing music. 

The Live 8 Basic Course is designed to provide new and familiar Ableton users with a foundational knowledge of all aspects of the program, including its two views, Session and Arrangement. A focus is given to clips – the building blocks of Live – which can contain a wide range of musical information, from full songs to short loops. The course goes through the process of warping files, setting up a Live set, recording a Live set and editing it as a song. The aim is for the techniques covered to be applied in studio production, live performance, DJing or remixing – whichever reflects the users' needs most.

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