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We are increasingly being urged to "join the conversation" online, and
blogging is seen as one of the easiest ways to do this. But how do you
find the right conversation to join? And, when you've got something to
say, how do you make sure that people join in the conversation that
you wanted to start?

Course tutor: Martin Belam

Date: Friday 17 April, 2009
Time: 10.00-17.00
Venue: London W2 (near Paddington station)
Number of places: 8
Cost: £320 (+£48 VAT) including lunch.

Aimed at new and aspiring bloggers, or companies just beginning to dip
their toes into the daunting 'blogosphere', this course provides insight into:

* how to get your blog found;
* tools and techniques for finding a network of blogs also
discussing your topics;
* how to create a distinctive personality for your blog to aid recognition;
* how to blog in a way that generates attention and responses and
* techniques for solving some of the common problems that your blog
will encounter.

You will leave understanding:

* how search engines work and rank content;
* how to use specialist search tools and techniques to uncover where the conversation is happening about your subject;
* how to blog in a way that encourages and generates conversation;
* getting the tone of your blog right for your audience;
* techniques for dealing with difficult voices online;
* how to track conversations via RSS and email;
* how to build a consistent online "personal brand" that commands attention.

About Martin Belam

Martin Belam is the Information Architect for guardian.co.uk, and an internet consultant with a decade's experience of delivering "new media" for brands like Sony, Vodafone, and the BBC.

As a product manager and information architect, he has designed systems to for sending personalised news via email, music downloads via mobile phones, and online voting for the BBC's television and
radio programmes. He is a regular speaker at conferences across Europe and in the USA, and is widely acknowledged as a leading commentator on newspaper website design.

He has recently returned to London, having spent the best part of three years living in Crete and working as a freelancer. Martin has blogged at currybet.net since 2002, chiefly about newspapers, media websites and search engines. And also sometimes about Doctor Who and ghosts.

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"Martin is a great teacher. He has a very deep knowledge of the subject area and communicates with passion and enthusiasm." Stephen Beynon, Virgin Media

Official Website: http://www.journalism.co.uk/36/43/99/

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