4000 Middlefield Road, Room H-1
Palo Alto, California 94105

Learn, in six months, the complete series of the traditional Yang Style Taijiquan Slow Form as published by Yang Cheng-fu in 1931. You will learn all of the basic ingredients and internal biofeedback for continuous improvement.

Taijiquan is the pinyin version of spelling T'ai Chi Ch'uan (which is also sometimes seen as tai chi chuan, taichichuan, tai chi, taichi, or taiji).

The special characteristics of true taijiquan are a tranquil mind and loosened joints, which allow the application of integrated supple strength directed by the waist and spiraled to the lower and upper limbs, as well as continuation of internal energy (qi) from movement to movement without interruption. These components of taijiquan are taught at the Tutelage (established in 1973) using the concrete and refined methods developed by the late Wu Ta-yeh. For more information call 650-327-9350 or visit our web site www.ttopa.com

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