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Looking to increase your customer base and your business revenue? Now you can add the US Government to your list of clients. Find out how to have make the government your next big customer by attending a FREE B2G Institute workshop.

The B2G program teaches you how to do business with the government and secure government contracts right away. You will learn valuable business strategies and tools while also learning which common mistakes to avoid. If you’re a business owner, a senior or executive manager or entrepreneur, then you will thoroughly enjoy this B2G Institute workshop.

Interesting facts: Did you know the US Government awards over $75 billion annually for all sorts of contracts. Your business could be a part of that. In fact, any business can apply for a government contract, and B2G Institute shows you exactly how to do it.

If you’re interested in getting another major contract for your business, Uncle Sam will deliver. The B2G Institute has FREE workshops all over the country, so visit their website and see if one is coming to your area. If not, put in a request for one!

Official Website: http://www.myeducationnetwork.com/track/click/34418

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