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EcoLogic 201 - Start Feb. 10th

EcoLogic 201 is a 20 hour course for individuals who feel they are
already doing a lot to reduce their footprint and be good
environmental stewards but are interested in doing more.
Graduates (those attending a min. of 7 of 8 classes) will become
EcoCalgarians. Graduates will join the newly established
EcoCalgarian community for ongoing learning and sharing.

Please contact Lindsay at (403) 230-1443 ext 225 or by email at
[email protected] to register or for more details.

Many people approach Clean Calgary Association staff and say
“I’m already recycling, saving energy, conserving water and trying
not to use my car. What’s the next step?” The answer is EcoLogic.

The EcoLogic 201 course is designed to expose participants to a
variety of issues and give them practical actions they can implement
in their lives. The topics are presented both by experts in their
respective fields and by Clean Calgary Association staff and include:

Over-consumption and waste
Consumerism and food choices
Water issues and conservation
Energy and climate change (including transportation & energy efficiency)
Indoor air quality, toxins and green cleaning
Global citizenship and influence

The idea is to start off with a global overview and then start to focus
on the local level. The course will also cover how to discuss
environmental issues with friends and family and how to get involved
with positive change projects in the city.

Cost: $350 or $150 plus a 25 hour time commitment to volunteer

***Some subsidies available. To register, please contact the
EcoStore at 403-230-1443 ext 225. Registration closes Saturday,
Feb 7th, 2009.

Location: Bridgeland Riverside Community Center

Dates: The course runs on Tuesday nights starting Feb 10 and
ending Mar 31, 2009. There will also be one optional field trip.

Registration Notes: Course will run with a min. of 15 people and a
max. of 30 people.

Facilitator: Lindsay Luhnau, Coordinator of Environmental Education
at Clean Calgary Association will facilitate the course.

Official Website: http://www.cleancalgary.org

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