4-6 Clarendon Avenue
Leamington Spa, England

Come and join the rest of Leamington's Multipack attendees, for a beer or two after work, at our first weeknight social in the Warwickshire area. Feel free to bring your colleagues, friends, contacts... anyone who is interested in computing, the web, the internet and anything inbetween!

Added by aBitGone on June 17, 2009



Not sure I'll be there for 6.30 but will be by 8pm.

Bronwen R

I'll be coming. Also passed the info on to other people in the area - some of whom (3? 4?) will show up.


It's good to know the chosen pub actually has a reputable website in place already:


The food menu looks rather tempting too - I'll probably be eating if others fancy it too.


Yup - I really should have put that on here earlier! ;o)


Would the organiser of this contact me as I may have some useful info for him. Thanks


I'll be there - it's quite a big pub, will you have any signs up?


Please consider following @multipack and @abitgone on twitter and I'll make sure we post updates telling you where we'll be - if the weather stays as it is, we'll be out in the courtyard area, behind the big life-size white horse.