3030b 16th street
San Francisco, California 94113

The League of Pissed-Off Voters presents Ironweed Films
A New Monthly Film Night @ Station 40
3030 B 16th St @ Mission (across from BART)
Last Wednesday of every month, 9pm

On March 29, come to the launch of a new monthly film night. On the last Wednesday of every month, we'll watch and discuss indie films collected by Ironweed Film Club that deal with progressive political issues in powerful and entertaining documentaries, animation and shorts.

Ironweed Film Club is a new service that puts together DVDs of socially-conscious films in order to inspire activistactions and bring together progressive communities throughout the US through monthly screenings.

This month's DVD includes "Salt of the Earth," the only banned film in American history, an animated short involving a peanut singing the free trade economics blues, and a short about a multiracial family dreaming of an identity other than 'other'.

We'll also be drinking beer and eating popcorn. See you on Wedensday the 29th!

For more info on the League of Pissed Off Voters, check out http://sf.indyvoter.org/

"Salt of the Earth"

This 1954 classic independent film, the only banned film in American history, is as famous for the events surrounding it as for its radical ideas. Salt of the Earth, based on real events surrounding a zinc miners' strike in New Mexico, was filmed against opposition from the government and the movie industry by a group of blacklisted filmmakers, including Herbert J. Biberman of the Hollywood Ten, Paul Jarrico, and Michael Wilson.

Working with limited resources in a hostile environment (including the deportation of their leading lady in the middle of filming), these filmmakers managed to create one of the most important films in American history, a compelling drama that focuses on themes that went unmentioned in 1950s popular culture: Latino civil rights, women's issues, and labor relations. Salt of the Earth is a landmark film, one of 100 American films chosen to be preserved by the Library of Congress, a film as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.

P.S. Don't forget: Every Wednesday is free movie night at Station 40!

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