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After the death of her husband, Jasmyn is trapped in a world without colour – yet begins to notice strange events. She follows their trail back into the events of her husband’s life. But they lead her in unexpected directions - into fairytales filled with swans, castles and bones; into a tales of a murder and vicious battle, into a lost past, and a stolen love.

Consorts of Heaven is Jaine's second book, set in the same universe as Principles of Angels. A wonderful fusion of SF and fantasy, Jaine returns again to the evils of the Sidhe - and the terrible discovery that the hierarchy which has kept society stable for thousands of years is rotten to the core.

Sweet Scent of Blood is Suzanne's hugely well-received debut novel and the opening of her Spellcrackers series. Thrilling and compelling, its an excellent opening to a convoluted mystery plot, riddled with twists. This is a fully realised supernatural society - a darkly comic spook show!

Official Website: http://www.forbiddenplanet.com/Signings.html

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