100 Victoria Street
London, England SW1E 5JL

On 27th September the London .NET user group will be hosting noted .NET author and speaker Dino Esposito. We will be at Microsoft's new venue in Victoria (start time 7pm). This will be a great talk and I encourage you to sign up to attend either via mailing us through our website or by joining our yahoo group

Partial Rendering for AJAX Purists and AJAX Real Programmers

The advent of AJAX is radically modifying the user’s perception of a Web application and it is subsequently forcing developers to apply newer and richer models to build modern Web applications. In ASP.NET AJAX Extensions, we find two approaches to AJAX : partial rendering and script services. As dramatic as it may seem, only the second approach is pure AJAX . Partial rendering has little to do with AJAX , but it's an incredibly smart trick that brings with it flicker-free pages. In this talk, I'll give an architectural perspective of partial rendering and unveil some of its inner secrets

Official Website: http://www.dnug.org.uk

Added by IanCooper on September 14, 2007