2025 Broadway @19th St. BART
Oakland, California 94612

Tickets go on sale Friday, May 4 at 12pm (Ticketmaster).

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So far the only website acknowledging that this concert is happening is Ticketmaster. Lauryn Hill, Paramount Theatre, and others aren't up to date.


Is the new album finally going to see release? I heard the label's been sitting on it for ages.


It's also posted on www.livenation.com. It's for real.


choose your own adventure
(thats before them crazy fees)


Jupiter Rising is opening for Lauryn at this show and they're http://www.rockridgefree.com and add them as a friend on http://www.myspace.com/jupiterrising


That was the second worst show I've been to. I kept rationalizing, thinking, well, the sound might be bad (but the 9 piece band sounded great (outside of the boomy bass drum mic, which drowned out the other instruments quite frequently). At one point, we decided they had put an imposter on the stage - that woman with the stiff unfitting yellow bag lady coat and the tower of frazzled hair couldn't really be Lauryn Hill - instead of dancing, she did drop her body at the knees and flail around a bit once in a while, looking like the puppeteer above her had simply dropped the controller and picked it up again.

Lauryn, your voice is still there - why did you not use it? The fourth song was great, and I can't believe I actually stayed for the encore, but Killing me Softly was great too. Your voice does not stand out when you rap, and that's what you did. The fast paced energetic funk/ska/rap really hid all of your voice, rapping's not what we came for, and someone in my section echoed this sentiment when she yelled "play stuff we wanna hear!" The pleas were unheard and there was a steady stream of people leaving all night.



btw what was the worst show uve been to


snarshad really sums it up. But something's been on my mind since one of the last songs, Lose Myself, ran so long repeating the lyrics, "I had to lose myself to love you better." It actually made me wonder if she had to lose us to love herself better. Which, in effect, was kind of the theme of the show.