1318 18th Street
San Francisco, California 94107

Laughing Squid is organizing an impromptu Drinkup tonight in our hood, Potrero Hill. We're meeting up at Blooms Saloon on 18th Street, an unassuming local bar with a small patio that has a great view.

There's a bunch of great restaurants nearby and Farley's is across the street.

Come on by for drinks and conversation.

Official Website: http://laughingsquid.com

Added by laughingsquid on April 28, 2007



drinks with not on? ;)


I might be persuaded to open a tab, assuming they even do that kind of thing there.


Ok, no tab, they don't take credit cards.


they don't take credit cards?what kinda dive bar is this?

have fun tonight!


might be up for grabbing dinner with folks beforehand - any suggestions nearby? Lots of places in Potrero I haven't tried yet.


what's the occasion scott? i might try to come by.


The occasion was that we didn't have any plans tonight (first time in a while), so I though, hey, let's get some people together for drinks and conversation. Leave the camera at home and join us!


I'm keen.

Anyone around Union square want to share a cab ride with me?


Food for me too.


leave my camera at home? are you on drugs or something?