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Latin Fanatics Festival 20-11-10 Paard van Troje in The Hague
On Saturday the 20th of November, the spotlight will be shining on the 4th Latin Fanatics festival in Paard van Troje in The Hague. And once more Latin Fanatics will be presenting an intense 'programme de culture Latin et Caribbean'. Latin America, Caribbean sea, Colombia, Portugal, Cuba, Miami and buzzing New York are the fine ingredients which make Latin Fanatics a highlight every year.
La Ritmica is probably the personification of Latin Fanatics. This band has its roots in the Carribean, its ears in Latin America and its feet in Europe and it has a mad repertoire full of Antillean Caribbean folklore music, Merengues and authentic salsas. The Colombian singer Alberto Caicedo, better known as the 'Voice of Colombia', is one of the artists who can embody like no other the sound of Cali, Colombia. Together with his band, he plays his own compositions, beautiful authentic salsas with a touch of folklore. Monica Triga is the only lady present and is blessed with a golden voice. This full-blooded Portuguese and her band will show how they swing in Portugal! The proof of Latin being a truly worldwide movement we can hear through the flawless sound of the German pianist Marc Bischoff. He is regarded as an authority in the field of Latin music and together with his Trio he will perform a modest yet explicit set, filled with nuances and yes! a lot of Latin swing. The program is not complete without a performance by the winner of the Latin Fanatics Competition 2010, 'Charanga214'. This young and up and coming band will play their salsas and son montuno's in a very special set-up. As this set-up of players of wind instruments, rhythm, singing and three strings is so exceptional and the performance of high quality, this band will soon be bringing the house down nationally as well as internationally. Beautiful praising words for Charanga214, a band that simply does what it’s good at, playing Salsa!!!
The Latin Fanatics Festival, which is held on November the 20th, will be a night of tropical fireworks full of live music and dance. Be sure not to miss it, so hurry to and read more about the festival. Tickets are available through the website,, Paard box office and Free Record Shop. Latin Fanatics is a project of Stichting Net Een Beetje Meer and is supported by the city of The Hague (Gemeente Den Haag) and the cultural fund Casema Cultuurfonds.
General Information:
Latin Fanatics is an initiative of the foundation Stichting Net Een Beetje Meer. The Latin Fanatics cultural plan is a unique initiative, which represents the historical development of music in the Caribbean and Latin American regions. The main focus within this cultural plan is on three large musical influences, namely African, European and North American. Latin Fanatics targets professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs who make music inspired by Latin and/or Caribbean musical genres.
Latin Fanatics consists of two components, i.e., a competition and a festival. The competition is dedicated to support upcoming bands and musicians by offering them a podium, guidance and musical education. Latin Fanatics’ aim is to show the diversity within the genre and to realize an exchange between talent, professional and visitor.
Latin Fanatics has been supported in the past by: Gemeente Den Haag, Gemeente Rotterdam, VSBfonds, Fonds1818, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Culturalis. In addition, it has partnerships with WMDC and Pleasure Paasparty and the initiative is supported by Kunstfactor and Koninklijke Conservatorium.
Line-up :
La Ritmica (Caribbean)
Alberto Caicedo (Colombia)
Monica Triga & Band (Portugal)
Marc Bischoff Trio (Latin Jazz)
Charanga214 (Winner Latin Fanatics Competition 2010)
Pre-sale Ticket : 22,50 euro
At the door : 28 euro
Opening time : 20:00

Official Website:

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