3286 22nd St
San Francisco, California 94110

We're leaving for Belfast, Northern Ireland on Sunday.

Before we go, we'd love to see all the awesome people who've made San Francisco such a fantastic place to live for the past few years. We'll be at the Latin American club on Saturday night, starting at around 8 PM and going until last call.

Hope to see you there!

Added by lattice on September 18, 2008



I'm going to the Treasure Island festival on Saturday, but will head over once that's done.


Sorry I'll miss you guys, Blaine, but I'll still be in L.A. I'm glad we could catch up at Evan's. Have an incredible time in Ireland!


Really wish I could go. I'll be in vegas. sorry guys. Safe travels.


Darn...I may be out of town! Any chance of a Saturday a.m. coffee?