167 Orchard St
New York, New York 10002

Last Call At The Starliner Lounge
Presented by, Big Apple Burlesque



Honey Birdette as Softy Malone

Ruby Valentine as Molly Monroe

Creme Brulee as Janey "The Blonde" Jones

Frankie Faux Pas as Jimmy

Broadway Brassy as Scooter Romaine, and Mac

LuLu Jameson as Detective Dot Schwerha

Snuffy Patterson as The Voice.

In a world where there are no more good guys and corruption is merely a way of life, one woman takes a stand.
The name is Softy Malone, private dick.

And in hidden shadows of crime ridden alleys nestled in Far Rockaway, just one good dick can make all the difference.

Here, at the Starliner Lounge, home to the City's most notorious criminals, she must ultimately face more than just bullets and broads with brass balls. In this river of cess, this den of iniquity, she'll have to confront herself and her past if she wants to live to fight another day.



A riveting action packed burlesque musical unlike any other! Witness the coldness of the human heart and the fiery throes of passion's sweet embrace! The excitement never ends when Softy Malone is on the job!

MELT! - in your seats once you've taken you first glimpse of the mysterious heartthrob Molly Monroe, a girl who may not be as innocent as she seems.

BE CAPTIVATED! - as the seductive partner Janey "the Blonde" Jones aids Softy's case in more ways than one.

REJOICE! - in the nobility of the human spirit as Det. Dot Schwerha steps up to the role of the last good cop in town.

FEEL RAGE! - at the moral depravity of Lt. Scooter Romaine, a cop who's sour inside and out.

OPENLY WEEP! - for the loss of the stunning Carmella, the long lost love whose song still echoes in the chambers of Softy's gin addled mind.

And kids of all ages will laugh out loud at the lovable antics of Jimmy the Sidekick and Mac the Yugoslavian waiter!

All this and more are yours for the taking in LAST CALL AT THE STARLINER LOUNGE!!! The first full-length Burlesque Musical which is sure to keep you coming again and again!

Don't dare miss this masterpiece of Romance, Comedy, and Suspense! With original arrangements.

Show at:
The Slipper Room
167 Orchard Street, NYC

Door open at 8PM, Show starts at 9PM

"Last Call At The Starliner Lounge"

Don't miss this event!!

For more: www.bigappleburlesque.com

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