123 Main Street
El Segundo, California 90245

The .NET Geek Dinners are a monthly gathering of Internet technology lovers and Microosft fanatics in Los Angeles/Southbay. A off spring of the orignal la geek dinners This is dinner around the southbay is for Anyone who has an interest and passion for technology, the internet, Datbases, SOAs, Software design ,and espcially Microsoft technologies. Or you just know you're a geek is welcome. Come LINQ with with us...

Added by gems on January 10, 2008



Looking forward to meeting! Any meetings in Jan?


Since this is the first one i wanted to make sure everyone had pleny of time for the idea to sink in. There will be one once a month after the first one.


This is so cool! Thanks for having this. Lots of good tech guys/gals in the south bay. Finally an event for us!


count me in..Thanks for organizing this. Good Idea.

Chuck Esterbrook

Ug, why is this the same day and time as the general Geek Dinner? http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/407828/

(Event 407828 in case the URL gets hosed (there's no Preview on this comment system))

Mike Parker

Thanks for having this; anyone WANT TO CARPOOL? I'm coming from zip 92630 (S. Orange County: 5 freeway & El Toro exit).
-This Upcoming service doesn't seem to have carpool scheduling as eVite does.
-BTW, Meetup.com seems to be better than this Upcoming.Org (other than forcing you to have every event part of a group), or am I missing anything?

Mike Parker

Thanks so kindly for the invite, but because I'm coming from such a far distance (S. OC) and there is no one I've found to car pool, I'll pass this one sadly. But post how it goes. And I hope to come next month. :-)