353 West 14th Street
New York, New York 10014

On April 29th, Los Angeles’ most famous comedy show COMEDY JUICE makes its debut in the Big Apple with veteran comedian Jay Larson hosting Rich Vos, James Smith and Joe DeRosa.
For seven years now, Los Angeles residents have been flocking to various venues around the city to watch Comedy Juice live shows. Over that time, almost every major American comedian has been on one of Comedy Juice’s lineups. From Dave Chappelle emerging from his African hiatus to Chris Rock perfecting his Academy Awards routine to regular drop-ins like Dane Cook and Sarah Silverman, Comedy Juice has seen it all. That’s not even mentioning the star studded and paparazzi inducing clientele the show often gets.

But company owner Scot Richardson decided that the company needed to become bicoastal and represent both of America’s comedy meccas. “We are entering a renaissance for comedy as it is really the only medium left without corporate censorship,” said Richardson. “[Comedy shows are] the only place where an artist can truly say what’s on their mind and we are very excited to bring the very best and brightest of those comedians to the stage in New York.”

Jay Larson, whose credits include appearances on The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson, Last Comic Standing, and AMC’s Date Night, will be the show’s regular master of ceremonies.

Official Website: http://www.comixny.com/event.aspx?eid=558&sid=1870