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Germany, 2001, Animated, directed by Piet de Rycker, Thilo Graf Rothkirch, 78min., voices of Ingolf Lück, Anke Engelke, Jeanette Biedermann, Mike Krüger, Wolfgang Völz
Based on the beloved children's books by Hans de Beer.

Lars is a young polar bear who finds the big, frosty world just a little overwhelming. Then he meets Robbie, who's funny, friendly, and a seal! Everyone, of course, knows that bears and seals can't be pals. Everyone but Lars and Robbie.
Before long, their friendship helps all the other polar bears and seals learn to get along.
But this new way of life is threatened when a huge, metallic "monster" sails into their world - and begins eating all their fish!
To save his family and friends, little Lars will travel to exotic far-away places and make all kinds of new animal friends, in a brilliantly animated, unbearably exciting story certain to captivate imaginations young and old alike!

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