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Larry Karaszewski Presents: Double Feature: DIRTY HARRY, 1971, Warner Bros., 102 min. Director Don Siegel turns ’60s hippie mecca San Francisco into an unforgettable ’70s war zone of bank robbers and psycho-killers, governed only by the long gun of the law - in the form of Magnum-toting Clint Eastwood.

COOL HAND LUKE, 1967, Warner Bros., 126 min. Dir. Stuart Rosenberg. When cool cat Luke (Paul Newman) gets drunk and decides to lop off the heads of parking meters, he’s charged with destruction of public property and sentenced to a chain gang. The proverbial ton of bricks falls on him for a relatively minor offense, and his rebellious free spirit foments a dangerous contest of wills with the warden (Strother Martin) and his sadistic underlings (Morgan Woodward, Luke Askew, Robert Donner). Nominated for four Oscars, including Best Music (Lalo Schifrin).

Discussion between films with composer Lalo Schifrin, moderated by Larry Karaszewski.

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