412 N. 36th St.
Seattle, Washington

LAPTOP BATTLE OCTOBER 10TH AT NECTAR 412 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103


* Seattle's own homegrown phenomenon is back and in full effect!

LAPTOP BATTLE OCTOBER 10TH AT NECTAR 412 N. 36th St., Seattle WA 98103

Calling all electronic enthusiasts!

The Laptop Battle has made it around the world, and now has made it back to
its original stomping grounds. The NW Laptop Battle will be held at Nectar,
on October 10, 2008. The showcase will star the baddest talent from Vancity
to the PDX. Past NW contestants include Kris Moon, Claude Balzac, Zapan, KJ
Sawka, Jacob London, Buck Nasty III, Studley Buffkins, Syzygy and Kinoko.
Through the thick of wires, laptops and gadgets, each player will have 3
minutes to showcase the stuff they're made of to wow the judges and to get
booties movin'. Each contestant will face nail biting elimination rounds,
and eventually a winner will be crowned.

Laptop Battle started back in 2003, Zach Huntting and Kris Moon from the
Fourthcity collective created an original concept to bringing people and
music together. You don't have to be an established musician, nor have
high-end equipment to join; people use what means they have and create what
they love. A wide variety of musical sounds are welcomed. The concept has
caught on and has spread from Seattle to Germany, Miami, Tokyo, New York,
Italy, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, New Zealand, the UK and beyond.

The rules are simple:

1. Gear specifications:
i. Contestants can use up to one (1) midi controller & one (1) soundcard.
ii. All gear must fit in a 2' x 2' square.

2. Battles are chosen randomly.

3. Battles are 3 minutes long. Contestants can choose whether they want a 30
second warning issued by the MC. At 3 minutes the MC will fade out the
contestant's output.

4. Judges (5) decide the outcome of battles in a single elimination style.

5. Contestants must be at the location of the battle half an hour before the
battle for reasons below.
a. minimum amount of set-up time.
b. alternates will be onsite to take the place of contestants who fail to
show up on time.


* Dave Pezzner â€" Jacob London, Last Year's Champion
* Colin Johnson â€" Nectar Lounge, Mercir
* James Grindle â€" Necodo.com, EarConscious
* ER Don â€" Buy the new album out on Fourthcity!
* Josh Wright â€" Light in The Attic Records


* Alejandro Gutierrez â€" Artifakt, Fourthcity


* Scott Sunn - Tracer

* Tron Sister
* WD4D
* Jeffery Mode
* Trona
* Orbiculus
* Squid Leader
* Andrew Luck
* Xben
* Incite
* Joel Pryde
* HeavyLight
* KFO website
* Mat Anderson
* John Lowe
* Ffej
* Nth808
* Syzygy
* Claude Balzac
* and surprise battler!!

Feat- dj introcut

showcases by...

Kris Moon
2007 Laptop Battle Champ
Dave PeZZner (jacob london)

* Ableton
* Native Instruments
* M-Audio
* Mackie
* Necodo.com
* Sonic Charge
* Puremagnetik
* FabFilter
* Fourthcity
* D16
* Audio Damage
* Electricbaby
* Soy
* Poster Midget
* Oseao
* laptopbattle.org
* laptopbattle.com *

(in other words, yes, it's a bunch of nerds kicking ass.)

Official Website: http://laptopbattle.org

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