180 Capp Street (3rd Floor)
San Francisco, California 94110

From the creators of Lap-Pop 1.0 and Lap-Pop 2.0 = Lap-Pop 3.0!
We think that's sort of math.

The convergence of geekery, bloggery, and apa performance arts!

MCs: Min Jung Kim (http://www.minjungkim.com) and Ernie Hsiung (http://www.littleyellowdifferent.com)

Visual Arts Curation: Claudine L. Co http://www.winterjade.com/memory/

Visual Artists
Anna Marie Panlilio http://www.homesliced.com
Will Luo http://www.wluo.org

Blogging/Performing Artists
Alex Choi http://www.rtfmplease.com/
Wes Kim http://www.weskim.com
Eric Wu http://www.emotioneric.com

Musical/Comic Artist: Samantha Chanse http://www.whiskeyandacigarette.org/index.php

Space 180
180 Capp Street, SF, CA
$7-$10 Sliding Scale

Artist Bios

Alex Choi http://www.rtfmplease.com/
Although not new to the bay area (having spent 6 years in Berkeley attending classes and working) he has only arrived in San Francisco recently. You'll often find Alex either doodling in text files, levelling his warlock, or going bulimic on RSS feeds and the Wikipedia. Although he hasn't been to a Star Trek convention in a long time (he outgrew the uniform), he'll still discuss the merits of the Picard Maneuveur with you. Alex is also a sketch comedy writer / performer having worked in Theatre Rice! at UC Berkeley and Kamikaze Theory at the Jon Sims Center. If you get to know him better he'll make you a mean Kim Chi fried rice (with spam of course) or some of his "2:30 ramen".

Wes Kim http://www.weskim.com
WES KIM is the writer/director of the award-winning short films "Profiles in Science" and "Vision Test." His films have appeared in nearly forty US and international film festivals and have screened in seventeen countries. They've also been broadcast nationally on public and cable television and have been featured in programs at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Wing Luke Asian Museum in Seattle.

Wes has received filmmaking grants from Artist Trust and 4Culture, and he's been invited to participate in Seattle International Film Festival's Fly Filmmaking Challenge and Northwest Film Forum's Signature Shorts program.

As a film programmer, Wes has directed three editions of Northwest Asian American Film Festival and two seasons of the film series Sneak Films.
Wes has been a grant panelist for Northwest Film Forum, the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, and the Center for Asian American Media. He was also a member of the search committee for the appointment of a new director to the City of Seattle Mayor's Office of Film and Music.

Wes lives with his wife and two sons in Seattle, Washington.

Eric Wu http://www.emotioneric.com
Eric is a simple man. He enjoys lasagna, snowboarding, movies, traveling, talking in the third person, and nothing else. He grew up in Florida and graduated from the University of Florida. Eric has been living in California for the past 5 years and currently works for Yahoo!. Do you Yahoo?

Eric Conveys an Emotion was created in the summer of 1998. I was bored and wanted to make a new web site that people would laugh and have fun at. I had just gotten a camcorder and hooked it up to my computer, but I didn't want to just make another cheesy webcam site. This site is loosely based on a bit that Andy Richter used to do on his show. A word would appear at the bottom of the screen and he would half-heartedly make the facial expression for it. I thought it would be cool to take that one step further and let people choose what they wanted to see, since I could never come up with some of the stuff that gets requested, especially now that the 'real' emotions have kind of run dry. I have never advertised this site, but it seems to get around and now a few thousand people a day stop by and visit. Who knew?

Samantha Chanse http://www.whiskeyandacigarette.org

samantha chanse is a writer & performer who moved to the bay area in 2001 and has been bitching about the weather ever since (although, admittedly, the bitching has subsided in intensity, somewhat, over the years). she does music stuffs with the band formerly known as bantercut, performs standup comedy in & around sf, & engages in playwrighting & other theater activities. she's also been a member of the fairly sinister crew of locus co-directors for over five years, & is the artistic director of another sf-based api arts nonprofit, kearny street workshop. a native new yorker with a knack for public humiliation, she finds the sf bay area frightfully yet compellingly incestuous, and is involved in a lovehate relationship with her cyberdominion, whiskeyandacigarette.org. if you question my claim to a dot org address, samanthachanse .com works too & may be easier to remember. or not, depending.

Anna Marie Panlilio http://www.homesliced.com
Anna Marie Panlilio has a middle name, and it's not Marie. Her two first names are equal in importance. Similarly, she has not settled on having just one artistic pursuit in her life. Instead, she juggles her passions for writing, dance and photography to maintain balance. Lacing up her tap shoes every week began in Southern California when she was seven. At seventeen, she decided to brave colder climates to study journalism at Northwestern University. Once the diploma was in hand, she shifted gears to join the founding ensemble of the Jump Rhythm Jazz Project, whose website she also designed. After four years dancing on stages in Chicago, Manhattan and Finland with JRJP, she couldn't resist the tugging on her silver pant leg. This time, the culprit was photography, and it led her to six months in Italy. She very recently celebrated her first San Franniversary after a long ?let's not talk about it?stint in Orange County, and she is happily back on track dancing with Loose Change, teaching photography with < http://www.sfcamerawork.org/mentoring.html >First Exposures and putting pen to paper (fingers to keyboards) whenever she gets the chance.

Will Luo http://www.wluo.org
Will is an expert Dremel(tm) tool user who has recently discovered the joy of cage fighting, using shards from broken vintage lenses.

Official Website: http://www.locusarts.org

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d'oh... might be in Da Dirrty South then...


well. the week before I would have been there, but not 21. But somebody ping the turkey, he might be back on the right time!

have fun :)


Aw, I can't go on this date now, I have a fundraiser meeting that eve...


I am walking nowhere near KC this time.

Artists, if you can shorten your bio to about 150 words I would be very grateful and can add you to our ongoing artist roster. Please send to glenda at locusarts.org.

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