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Via the Learning Annex:

Create Some New Sparks... or Just Fuel the Fire!

Whether you're looking to spark up a new relationship - or just add heat to an already healthy one - nothing can enhance your love life like giving a lap dance!

You will learn how to: * Set the mood with lights and music * Perform the basic moves * Apply touch to relieve tension - and excite! * Relieve your lover's worries and stress * Break any barriers that you and your lover may be experiencing.

Note: This class is for Women Only. Please wear comfortable clothes. No nudity is required.

Judy Cianciotto began her professional dancing career at age 15, touring with the Kaye Gorham Dancers and opening for acts such as Johnny Cash and Don Rickles. She learned seductive and sexy moves while maintaining class. As a stand up comic, she has appeared on Lifetime's Girls Night Out and Rascals Comedy Hour on Comedy Central.

Official Website: http://www.learningannex.com/default.taf?cnum=069XLA&sctn=I&_function=detail

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I wonder what they mean by "comfortable" clothes.


I'd say sporty pants, but yours fart.