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Lansdown Lecture: Dianne Harris, Art Director, Kinetica Museum
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Date: 8 October 2008
Location: Lansdown Centre
When: 4:45pm
Further info:Stephen Boyd Davis [email protected]

The Age of Electronic Art

Kinetica Museum aims to actively encourage the convergence of art and technology, providing an alternative platform to static traditional forms of art such as painting and sculpture. The museum champions artistic innovation and showcases work which utilises and warps technology to explore, nurture and comment on our evolutionary processes.

Kinetica focuses on work which has extended and enriched the dialogue between human and machine through the use of groundbreaking technological advancements. This re-presentation of pioneering works from the past and new 'wave' of works in reference to the metaphor of our 'great' machine 'the Universe', has inspired artists to explore scientific discoveries and challenge technological life. Kinetica has found a growing audience with a fascination for art that has a life of its own, one that is kinetic.

Dianne will present an overview of the history and future of Kinetica Museum.

About the Speaker

Dianne Harris has worked within the applied and electronic arts for the past 17 years and has exhibited extensively in America, North Africa, Europe and England. She was founder, curator and director of the Luminaries kinetic and interactive gallery in London from 2003-4. From this she went on to co-found Kinetica Museum. Dianne currently curates the revolving and touring exhibitions for Kinetica.

As an artist, Dianne has recurrently taken a technological approach to exploring the unseen realms of existence that surround us. By merging seemingly divergent fields of perception, such as science, philosophy, mythology and psychology, her work aims to heighten the awareness of human potentiality and question the self-imposed limitations that serve to confine the very nature of our ideas, thoughts and being. Using multi-dimensional media, sculpture and installation, Harris combines reality with non-reality, placing the human form into surreal environments that often mimic or suggest future developments and re-emerging ideas from ancient worlds. Her alternate view of existence is designed solely to inspire those who engage with it.

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