216 union street
Seattle, Washington 98101

Signed to a record deal by RCA when he was only 19, Landon released his major label debut, LP, in 2006. While it certainly holds its own LP too often polished Landon’s rough edges until there wasn’t anything left to hold. But behind that slick sheen were some seriously good songs. Songs that were soon to have a second life thanks to the success of a diamond in the rough tune that found its home in an unlikely setting.

During the Holiday season of 2007-08, Landon’s unreleased ode to an unrequited coffee shop crush was chosen as the soundtrack to the “A Diamond Is Forever” commercial campaign. It was a simple song with a simple lyric “I think that possibly, maybe I’ve fallen for you” with a melody and message that moved millions. “Coffeeshop” soon racked up hundreds of thousands of iTunes downloads, pushing Landon to not only issue an EP centered around the song but to revisit some of his older material with a more stripped down sound. He set out on the road, touring with labelmate Gavin DeGraw, to explore his reworked materials and try out some new songs.

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