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Seven generations ago, White Buffalo Calf Woman brought a gift from the Creator to the Lakota Sioux Native American people – The Sacred Pipe, Chanunpa Wakan. This sacred gift allowed the people to come back into balance – as individuals, a community, between men and women, and in relationship to the Mother Earth. She taught them seven ceremonial rites to bring health, healing, balance and a good life. Maria Owl Gutierrez, an Herbalist, Hypnotherapist, Medical Intuitive, Healer and Shaman, has walked with the Pipe for 10 years. Each person will have a chance to pray with the Pipe tonight. According to Lakota tradition, “Everything you pray for with the Pipe will come true.” By Donation. For additional information, please contact Steve Glanz, 650-349-2651, [email protected]

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