444 Jessie St.
San Francisco, California

Lady Sovereign, barely 20 years old and a native of North London, specializes in a kind of kitchen-sink hip-hop that easily incorporates drum !n bass beats and vintage videogame sound effects. She is one of the UK's very few white female MCs, often cited as part of the rising British grime scene.

Added by tatere on October 3, 2006



if u wanna go, get tickets in advance, who can predict what does sell out or not, and it's lik $10 and change

girl lookin quite the hype lately


it's sold out? i guess. ticketweb has no tickets. it says tickets at the door, but not how many...


Luckily got tix on Craigslist from a decent man who charged face value. Thanks Luke!


I had trouble buying a ticket because the ticket site said that they couldn't post them to me in time -- that might be why they are no loner listed on ticketweb?

If anyone has a spare ticket let me know (ben [at] dotben.co.uk), otherwise I'll try at the door.


Longest. Line. Evar. Almost glad i couldn't get tickets. Almost.


We got there at 8:15pm or so, only about 20-30 people in line in front of us, and still didn't get tickets. So much for "tickets available @ the door" as the promoter indicated.


looks like settling for drinks a boca was the better option:



This was indeed the lamest show ever... but good in a train wreck sort of way.


SF officially hates Lady Sovereign.