Rod. Hélio Smidt, s/nº
Guarulhos, São Paulo

The Forum of Network Operators of Latin America and the Caribbean will be held for the first time during these days. This forum is aimed at the discussion and exchange of technical information related to network infrastructure and promotes the debate on issues of technical implementation and operational practices among the community members. The event is supported and organized by: ISOC,,, LACNIC and CLARA.

LACNIC XIV will be the second LACNIC event in 2010, which includes the Public Policy Forum, a report on LACNIC´s activities as well as presentations and debates on technical aspects relating to the development and stability of the Internet in the region.

PTT Fórum (Forum of the Brazilian Autonomous System Numbers)
This will be the 4th edition of the PTT Forum, an event sponsored by, the Center for Studies and Research in Networking Technologies and operations of (Center of Information and Coordination of .BR), with the support of (the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee), with the aim of discussing the problems of Internet infrastructure in the country and its possible solutions.

The PTT Forum will offer technical tutorials that will present best practices for the Autonomous Systems Numbers in fields such as IPv6, Security, DNS and Routing. There will also be presentations of cases, lectures and discussions on issues relating to Internet infrastructure in Brazil.

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