40 Brattle Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

A Celebration of Jim Henson! In Honor of the Jim Henson Company's 25th Anniversary!

New 35mm Print! Rare Screening!
Labyrinth at 3:00, 7:30, midnight
(1986) dir Jim Henson w/David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly [101 min]
Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly stars in this delightful Jim Henson film. When a teenaged girl (Connelly) thoughtlessly wishes her infant brother would just disappear, she has to face the consequences when the Goblin King (Bowie) whisks the baby away to a maze-like world populated with talking dogs, kindly monsters and Bogs of Eternal Stench. This classic children's story is well-loved by its fans for its amazing set design and thoughtful lessons about growing up. And the five David Bowie songs are just as good as you remember.

The Dark Crystal at 5:15, 9:45
(1982) dir Jim Henson, Frank Oz w/Henson, Oz, Kathryn Mullen, David Goelz, Louise Gold [93 min]
Puppet pioneers Jim Henson and Frank Oz brought the form to a new level in this wildly ambitious 1982 release. The filmmakers were determined to make a puppet movie that would appeal to all ages, and this epic story of an elfin creature's quest to save his dying race is one of the most unique family movies in filmdom. Henson considered this film to be one of his crowning achievements.

Each screening of THE DARK CRYSTAL will begin with a special program of short films that Henson created both for Sesame Street and for his own amusement.

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