Washington D.C.
Washington D.C., District of Columbia

our plan: can be broken down into four simple parts :)

✩ part 1 - assemble a group of 8-10 prominent tech-savvy video-geeks, photographers, twitter-addicts, qik-experts and bloggers.

✩ part two - cram them into a full-sized passenger van (or small rv) rigged from head to toe with both hd and live-streaming cameras, evdo, gps communication for dopplr, fire eagle, etc.

✩ part three - drive from l.a. to d.c. in time to attend and cover the most historical inauguration of our generation.

✩ part four - take all the pictures, all the live-streaming archives, all the hd footage captured from personal cameras and package a highly professional 20-30 minute documentary.

All Hotels are sold out: there is plenty of room in DC with AirBed & Breakfast

Added by mike_1630 on December 7, 2008



wow. what are the stops along the way?


Hey Hedge :) Not sure yet - but we'll be working that out - while at the same time figuring out how exactly we're gonna pull it off :P


any more confirms? I´m super interested.


We are thinking about letting outside people help us vote or suggest a route or stops along the way. We're still working that out as well :P Lots of things still in the planning stages.


Is this still happening? I'm down to meet you guys out here and help with the event coverage part.