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La Quinta Estación (Spanish for “The 5th Station”; often spelled La 5ª Estación) is a Latin Grammy-award winning Spanish pop/rock band composed of two musicians from Madrid: Natalia Jiménez (lead singer and harmonica) and Ángel Reyero (guitar). La 5a Estacion is group of Spaniards that left their native country and moved to Mexico to pursue a Musical career. Their first hit was “Donde Iran?” a pop rock tune featured on the Mexican Soap opera “Clase 406.” Their first album is titled “Primera Toma.” This first album was immediately followed by “Flores De Alquiler” that featured hits such as “El Sol No Regresa,” “Daria,” “Algo Mas,” and “Nina.” this album also had a cover track in tribute to Hombres G titled “Si Yo Fuera Mujer.” In 2005, the band released an acoustic album featuring all their previous hits. The first and only single from this album was “Perdicion.” In 2006, they released “Tu Peor Error” as the first single to their new Album, El Mundo Se Equivoca. This album features tracks such as “La Frase Tonta de La Semana,” “Cosa De Dos,” “Nada” and “El Amor No Duele.”

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