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Now, it's time for LA MONTAGNE RUSSE (The Roller Coaster), we expect a huge audience and you are not really allowed to miss it because the line-up is completly crazy :
SATURDAY 4th November, 21h-6h, 7euros (4 live act, 3 dj's)
 Mr. CANDIE HANK (from Berlin, new LP on Sonig, the home of Mouse on Mars. And since its last show in Liège for MUKISSOLOR festival he released also an album on Wwilko, home of Kap Bambino and on Solnze, home of Messerchups. He's the best for circus booty bass and extreme polka!).
 MONSTER ZOKU ONSOMB (they are from Australia and make this very crazy tour across Europe at the moment. They are also very good friend with Messer Chups and they will bring you into a very powerfull show made of Breakcore, rockabily, crazy electronics, wrestling disguise and sixties sexy booty girls jumping on he stage like the Kangoroos).
 COLONEL BASTARD (If you are from Liège, you probably already know this phenomeon, but if you don't, it's time to wake up because he's making his two last shows in November ! Yes, it's end but he's still on the top to blow up the audience with his very energetic mixture of power-electrotrash and rock'n'roll. A little bit like Bob Log III or whatever. Nudity in the audience is welcome.)
 ROLAND BAFIUS + OSO EL ROTO (They come from France, Rennes and Paris. They will open the party with the most emotionnal and funny electronic folk'n'bass discovered this year. We don't say too much, come and discover... but you have to know that we have already planned to release a record with them in 2007). for the DJ's, you'll have your 2 prefered selectors in Liège : HUGO FREEGOW (Mukissolor, Torpedo, Panoptica), BIOXYD (Timeless Network, Puzzling records). And she's always on stage, usualy for Live performance as Kania Tieffer, let me present you DJ ALBANIE.

So, don't forget :
SATURDAY 4th November 2006 at Les Caves de Cornillons (8b route de Robermont – LIEGE)
more infos and links here : http://www.larmeedesbonbons.org
Listen to some music with our Myspace Jukebox here :

Now, let me close this mail with our future activities :
 2th December : LA GRANDE ROUE w/ Dj Scotch Egg, Bruno & Michel are Smiling + Skipperrr, Kania Tieffer, Melodik Pinpon, Messieurs Delmotte and Dj Motocross
 14th December : POUR DANSER DANS LES CULS, an evening w/ Jean-Louis Costes (finally) and Dj Motocross for 2007 : we plan some records releases of Madame Patate, Coeurvert, Micropupazzo, Roland Bafius, Comodo Varant4... Probably some
MUKISSOLOR activities, a monthly radioshow called « dj bye-bye» presented by Damie Boy and maybe some hippie raves in Europe.(but not in USA because Dj Motocross is listed by N.A.T.O.).

see you soon and don't forget to love !
your best hippie hardcore lover,
xx damie motocross

Official Website: http://www.larmeedesbonbons.org/

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