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I know you've seen them out of the corner of your eye. I've been watching them too. They do strange things with electricity. They kind of turn me on.

I've teamed up with Mark Allen of Machine Project to put together the January geek dinner/dorkbot blind date. Basically that means, we're having the geek dinner at Machine with dorkbot.

Since this is a first date, be sure to bring stuff to show off. And you can bring a present for the white elephant exchange (something geeky, not more than $15).

Dinner will be about $15

If you RSVP here, you must show up, or pay for your no-show. We're getting some classy catering!

SK Telecom International is our sponsor for desert.

Added by heathervescent on December 18, 2007



Please comment if you are vegi or vegan. Thanks!


Bronwen and I are vegan. We're tentative, but I'll try to let you know with as much lead time as possible if we'll be able to make - we need to rearrange some other things. if we can make it, what are the vegan options? Thanks!


Jay - I'm specing out a vegan side dish. If you are coming, let me know ASAP - minimally 3 days before, so I can make sure to have more options for you.


Once again, carpool from burbankish areas is offered, however, i don't come back here to check this so please send me an e-mail at contact at chef JoAnna • com or send me an IM at ChefJoAnna thru gmail.


Vegetarian here...


I am mostly vegetarian and allergic to citrus fruit! If the vegetarian option is made with citrus fruit, I would prefer a meat option without citrus fruit. Thanx in advance if this is possible! ;)

Strange Angels Radio Broadcast

Ack! I'm teaching on Tuesday nights starting 1/15 :+[ Would have loved 2!

Preeti Dhiman

I am a vegetarian but not vegan. See you all there.


Wow... 46 people are attending so far. Can we seat/feed many more at Machine? I'd imagine that 50 or 60 would be maximum capacity... I'd check with Mark, though.


Garnet - I'm on the ball with mark and got it covered!


I'm a mostly-vegan with no gluten...hahaha good luck!


amoration - lentil soup?


Carpooling from Mid-Wilshire area. Let me know if you need a ride - preppypunk [at] yahoo dot com.


I can drive somebody to/from in the Glendale area.


Hi everyone, I had to close the guestlist. I'm starting a waitlist for anyone who cancels. Email me or leave a comment to get on the waitlist.


Looks like I won't be the only vegetarian there.


I'll be attending but I don't see a button to RSVP - only a "watch"button

steve boyett

Do I not qualify for entry if I don't know wtf a dorkbot is?

Al Pavangkanan

Dang, I knew I shouldn't have sat on the fence so long on this. Put me on the waitlist.

Jason Porath

Arg, same situation as Al. Could you waitlist me?

(also, re: show and tell... I was thinking of showing a video, but unsure practically how that'd work out... show on laptop?)


Dooley - that's because I had to close the guest list because we reached capacity.

Steve - yes you do quality for entry. ;) But only if you already RSVPed or get on the waitlist.

Al, Jason, you're on the waitlist. Can you email me at blog at heather vescent dot com?


Can I be waitlisted too then?


Dooley - yes!


I'm looking forward to seeing/meeting everybody tomorrow.


I'm looking forward to coming!


I see you people bailing at the last minute. Do not think you are out!!!!


I am bailing love, sorry, have the icky sore throat thing and don't want to give it to people. I'll give you some money tomorrow at Twiisup if the throat thing goes away.


See the video I posted on Youtube:


just wonder, is geek dinner always on a tuesday night? this quarter got night class both Tue & Wed... so kinda bumped out on it :(