MLK jr. dr.
Atlanta, Georgia 30312

All Ages

Le Flange du Mal is Jason Stamberger (Crack:We Are Rock), Chris Rolls (Ziegenbock Kopf and Kimosciotic Records), Chris Clones (Subarachnoid Space) and Liz Albee (who's played with Cecil Taylor, Anthony Braxton, Murder Murder and about every awesome person in the San Francisco Bay Area). The line-up is synth, mutated drums, mutated trumpet, vocals and food. But every show is different. It definitely fits in better with DYS than with the laptop crowd.

San Francisco has spawned a ton of brainy music favorite new comic geniuses: Ezeetiger. The one-man band is an experience all fans of Lightning Bolt/Friends Forever/25 Suaves should jump on ASAP; it fits nicely in that clan of noisy, misbehaved, feedback-rich rock. Live, Tiger (AKA Anthony Petrovic) creates songs like no other musician I've witnessed. Surrounded by more equipment than most fully populated bands...playing a riff on his guitar, looping the sound, setting up a bass line and looping that, pushing some other buttons and adding a layer of delayed noise, looping his vocals, and then playing drums live and singing over the whole cacophony to punch out a fully formed song.

Added by kissatlanta on July 2, 2005