525 Venezia Avenue
Venice, California 90291

No RSVP required.

Beginner / Intermediate Topics
- Digital Dollhouse - OVERVIEW & LAUNCH (30min): Christefano / Lee
- Views 2 module (30min): Blake

Int -> Advanced Topic
- Drush (~30min) - drush.module itself doesn't provide any actual tools or commands - but it's still amazingly cool! showing us why and how to do some cool tricks by John De La Cruz.


In addition to our presentation(s) of the night we have open-mic opportunities for those who have general Drupal questions or need help, time for those who are hiring or looking for consultants, upcoming Drupal training announcements, we may have prizes for attendees, and as always, the end of the meeting networking session with the fun and knowledgeable LA Drupal crowd.

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Post photos on Flickr with the tag "ladrupal".

Official Website: http://groups.drupal.org/node/15622

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