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We meet on the last Tuesday of the month at the Rich Media Institute.


Tales From Drupalcon Boston 2008

Some LA Drupal members got to attend and speak at Drupalcon Boston 2008 and we'll hear from those folks what they saw, what was cool, what was new, and bits of what they learned at the four day convention.

Patterns and the future of Install Profiles

MikeyLikesIt was more than extatic about the new things called Patterns, which compliments Install Profiles and actually surpasses them. We'll hear what we may be using in the near future.

Where is Groups.Drupal.Org headed and how does this help LA Drupal?

Chris Charlton attended the g.d.o (groups.drupal.org) BoF session and has good news to report about our community portal and talks of a world-wide video simulcast where Drupal user groups from all over would get together online and record a fun online event that hasn't been tried before.

Recap Drupal Keynote from Drupalcon Boston 2008

Covering the slim basics of what the Drupal keynote covered about the Drupal community, Drupal 6.x, Drupal 7.x, and the new law of the land - testing. Many key points were mentioned in this updated state of the union from Dries, so members who attended the con will talk about the important must-knows.

Open Mic

The topics above are only casual topics from Drupalcon but anyone can ask or talk talk about a session that was at Drupalcon Boston 2008.

Better Drupal Interactivity with Flex (L.A. Edition)

In our only official presentation of the evening, Chris Charlton, who spoke at Drupalcon Boston, is doing an encore of taking Drupal away from the HTML mentality and seeing an evolution by looking at Flex and how it can enhance Drupal's power - Better Drupal Interaction Design with Flex. Learn what's the same and different between Flash and Flex, plus HTML/JS versus Flex!

LADrupal website: http://ladrupal.org

Official Website: http://groups.drupal.org/node/8762

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