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We meet on the last Tuesday of the month in the Los Angeles area.

LA Drupal meets monthly and offers a nice place for members and new people to learn and talk about Drupal, a world popular content management system (CMS). RSVP is not required and attendance is free.


Drupal for Music Bands

Are you a musician or band member and heard of Drupal? Come watch a free panel discussion on how various LA Drupal members/agencies are helping the music world and local bands get sites online and actually manageable. This will be a panel style discussion bringing various panel members to talk about how Drupal can help the music scene anywhere by providing free websites that are enhanced with community modules and themes - and we're here to discuss that. Questions will be taken.

Presentation technical level: Beginner-Intermediate

DrupalCampLA 2008 Volunteer Info & Updates

Plan to help by volunteering at Drupal Camp LA this year? Attend the user group meeting if you're planning to the camp so we may meet you before hand.

Drupy - Drupal running on Python

Drupy is a Python port of the Drupal Content Management System. The project is not yet complete, but is moving at a fast pace towards an alpha release. Brendon Crawford will be presenting this preview of his talk planned for DrupalCampLA 2008.

The primary goals of the Drupy project are:
* Giving Drupal developers an easy transition into the Python language.
* Giving Python developers an easy transition into Drupal.
* Implementing any possible Python-specific optimizations to the core codebase.

Some of the ways which these goals are being accomplished are:

* Maintain full API compatibility with Drupal version 7.
* Implement all core code as fully namespaced and Object Oriented structures.
* Provide a comprehensive PHP function abstraction tookit for Python.
* Enable major core components to run in persistant memory via WSGI.

This presentation will cover:

* Current status and timelines of the Drupy project.
* Installing and running.
* Differences between Drupy and Drupal.
* Porting Drupal modules.

Brendon Crawford is a Venice native. He has been hacking away at PHP and JavaScript for the last 12 years, and Python for the last 5 years. He enjoys arguing in #drupal on Freenode (IRC).

Presentation technical level: Advanced


In addition to our presentation(s) of the night we have open-mic opportunities for those who have general Drupal questions or need help, time for those who are hiring or looking for consultants, upcoming Drupal training announcements, updates about DrupalCamp LA 2008, raffle prizes for attendees, and as always, the end of the meeting networking session with the fun and knowledgeable LA Drupal crowd.

Official Website: http://groups.drupal.org/node/13549

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Love to attend, but I'll be at DrupalCon.