570 W Avenue 26
Los Angeles, California 90065

Join renowned LA River guide, Joe Linton, for a bicycling adventure down the LA River. From its graffiti laden walls, to its wild inhabitants, the LA River has an incredible story to tell. Sometimes maddening, sometimes funny and often inspiring, this tour is sure to ignite your inner Creek Freak as you come to know the LA River’s inner-most self. Bring a brown-bag lunch and enjoy some eats along the way.

When: Saturday, January, 24 at 11:00 AM
Meet at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens, 570 West Ave. 26, L.A., CA 90065 www.lamountains.com…
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How Much? It's Free!

About Your Guide:
Joe's been living a car-free life since 1992! He is also a fantastic artist, a passionate activist and a longtime advocate for the revitalization and restoration of the Los Angeles River. He's lead hundreds of inspiring walks and tours of the LA river and its tributaries. Joe also wrote and illustrated the fabulous ‘Down by the Los Angeles River: Friends of the Los Angeles River's Official Guide', which details over 40 walks and bike rides. This book will be available for purchase that day. Be sure to check out Joe’s blog at lacreekfreak.wordpress.com

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It's so simple it's ridiculous. The Urban Expeditions’ Challenge is as easy as... breathing. Just bring someone new to Urban Expeditions, and you’ll get a chance to win an awesome prize. For each new person that you bring, you’ll receive an Urban Expeditions’ Challenge raffle ticket.

What Urban Expeditions is about, and why you just gotta accept the Challenge

• Getting people out on their bikes to reconnect with city bicycling is an important step to growing and building a broader support base for bicycle-friendly legislation.

• Urban Expeditions gets people re-engaged with their community and reconnected to the joys of bicycling around town.

• It's a fun free event that reminds people that life in the city looks a lot different when you don't have a car roof over your head.

• It’s a ride for everyone. Invite your grandma, your out-of-shape best friend and your "are-we-there-yet" kid. Urban Expeditions’ gets people moving towards a cleaner, greener and more joyful city.

Urban Expeditions is just one way that C.I.C.L.E. is working to grow bicycling by inviting everyday people to come out and experience the joys (and the benefits) of city bicycling.

For more information visit www.cicle.org or call 323.478.0060

Official Website: http://www.CICLE.org

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