523 W 6th St
Los Angeles, California 90014

We'll be walking around the downtown LA Bunker Hill area and taking photos.

Meet at Starbucks at 6th and Grand.

Ideas are still up in the air, so bring other nearby places you'd like to visit - we'll look through all of them when we meet.

Photos should be tagged "photowalking011208". Don't forget to visit this event and add the Upcoming machine tags into Flickr or Zooomr!

Added by btvillarin on January 5, 2008



Wait...Randy's coming? Sweet.


any ideas regarding parking? Can we park at Starbucks?


Parking is pretty expensive in that area. If it is open, there is a small shopping center at 7th and Figueroa, IIRC is has reasonable prices per hour.

Speaking of which, how long are people planning on hanging out?


I have no idea about parking. I should've asked Steve about it. :(

I so need to sleep...


See you guys there.


So bummed I woke up sick Saturday.

Count me in for the next one!

Where are all the pics? I can't find any on Zooomr or Flickr yet. :(


Oops, I typed the date wrong. The Flickr tag should be "photowalking011208."