55 Mill Street
Toronto, Ontario

KRIMA!...what a shame
Directed, conceived, choreographed by Maxine Heppner

THINGS happen to good people in unexpected places, suddenly. Just when you least expect it: a drink spills, a window breaks, a siren screams, the world becomes loud…or silent.

100 performers of all ages and from all walks of life will draw you into the heart of the unexpected in this performance that risks being optimistic about individuals within the mass. A diverse ensemble of fabulous performers from across Toronto join Maxine Heppner, known for her subtle chamber works and her powerful large-scale projects, to create this work.

About Maxine Heppner’s past works: “Reaching a new state of mind” Globe and Mail
“Exposes the very heart of the human condition.” Classical 96.3 FM
“Inspiring, unsettling, beautiful” San Francisco Mindjack

Featuring: 100 performers of all ages and from all walks of life including Lata Pada, Pia Bouman, Maryem Tollar, Patrick Parson, Janice Pomer, Takako Segawa, Miko Sobreira, Jessica Runge, Jenn Goodwin, Soo Garay, Louis Laberge-Cote, Heidi Strauss, Susan Lee, Jessica Runge, the Kaeja’s, Sally Morgan, Kate Alton, Sashar Zarif, Andrea Nann, Diana Groenendijk, Joanna de Souza, Keiko Thompson, Dave Wilson, Viv Moore, Suzanne Liskar, Sasha Ivanochko, Allison Cummings, Michael Caldwell, Mi Young Kim, Charmaine Headley and more. In cooperation with: Ballet Creole, MovementCentre, Pia Bouman Dance School, MiYoungKim Dance Co. Pegasus Studios, VOICE Intermediate School, Sampradaya Dance Creations
For complete list see www.acrossoceans.org

SUPPORTED BY: the Toronto Arts Council and Dance Ontario
On-site fundraising for the DAILY BREAD Food Bank

For tickets call 416.866.8666 or visit www.youngcentre.ca.

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