647 Valencia Street
San Francisco, California 94110

Sunset presents the 250-issue anniversary of the WhatDaFunk newsletter featuring the SF debut of Dutch Future-Funk producers
plus special guests
KID BEYONDkidbeyond.com
MOTION POTION (the Fringe/Sunset)
Doors: 10:00PM :: Ages: 21+
Tix: $10
647 Valencia St, San Francisco

Kraak & Smaak, the Dutch breakbeat production trio, is heralded as one of Holland's most important dance acts. Their organic breakbeats, full of brass stabs, guitar licks and a future-retro- phat-production-sound has drawn comparisons to Mark Rae and Thievery Corporation. Performing at over 120 headlines shows in Europe last year, Kraak & Smaak have been together for five years. Oscar de Jong is the main knob twiddler of K&S but also plays guitar. A member of multimedia turntable orchestra, "Polyvinyl Big Band", Wim Plug has spun along side Portishead dj Andy Smith and Depth Charge's Saul Kane. Mark Kneppers claims to have the largest record collection in all of Holland, from jazz to hip-hop and everything in between. As DJ Knuppelhout he has played at all the major venues from the Netherlands to Belgrade and mixed breaks for legendeary Dutch label, Fresh Fruit, in 1997. Jalapeno Records and Kraak and Smaak have kick-started a scene that isn't all about the fit-inducing breaks that you sometimes come across - their new album, Boogie Angst, fits everywhere. Its dance music to listen to, new music with old-school sounds, and funk for the next generation.

"Kraak & Smaak have concocted a refreshing and innovative record that melds elements of traditional funk with dub, samba rhythms and house grooves. The result is an edify 70's Blaxploitation vibe that sounds like a lost master from the Stax vaults. It really is that good!" --Lewis Dane, B.B.C."

Looping and multi-tracking his voice live onstage to create his own backing tracks, Kid Beyond layers his soulful, spiritual lyrics over his own beatboxing and vocals - creating an evocative, infectiously funky brew of hip-hop/techno-flavored alt-pop. A "fiercely charismatic... truly mesmerizing" performer, armed with a powerful rock-soul singing voice and the jaw-dropping skills that earned him the title "San Francisco's Best Beatboxer," Kid Beyond has rocked huge warehouse parties and tight poetry slams, jam-packed funk clubs and sprawling festivals.

Besides being on the Bay Area's most eclectic, creative and unclassifiable DJ's Motion Potion has spent the past 9 years helping to support the local funk and breakbeat music scenes through his bi-weekly "WhatDaFunk Newsletter." A blog before there were blogs, "WhatDaFunk" provides a local funkalendar, charts, show previews, and editorial aiming to raise the profile of the funk scene and the consciousness of the people who inhabit it. Over 2000 people have religiously read this labor of love for more than 6 years and for the 250th issue, the community will be coming together en-masse to celebrate.

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