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Saturday, November 7th, 2009

[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant house
every 1st Saturday at The Endup

featuring from Berlin:

(Perlon . Hello?Repeat . Poker Flat. Kanzleramt)

As one half of the duos Pantytec (with Perlon founder Zip)
and Half Hawaii (with SF fave Bruno Pronsato), Sammy Dee
can often be found pressing buttons and tweaking knobs
behind banks of gloriously blinking lights, but it's when he's
behind a pair of 1200s that this legend truly soars. Would we
be inviting him back for yet a third time otherwise? Come
hear why Sammy's been helping shape the sound of minimal
house and techno worldwide for over a decade, and prepare
to "Get Perlonized"!

and from Copenhagen:

(Re:connected . Moon Harbour . Dessous . Audiomatique)

Swedish-born Martin Swanstein is on a roll. In addition to a
string of excellent productions on choice labels such as
Moon Harbour, Lomidhi, and his own Out Of Orbit and
Re:connected, he has also reworked tracks by the likes of
Trentem¯ller, Underworld, Miss Kittin, and Robert Babicz, as
well as compiling the first ever mix album for Steve Bug's
Audiomatique imprint. Now Martinez brings his techy
"Cosmic House" sound to the Endup at last in his SF debut!

with residents:


SAMMY D (Classic . Dirtybird . Utensil . Magnificent 7)

ALLAND BYALLO (Nightlight . Auralism . Leibe*Detail)


401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $15

FREE before 11pm!


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With an electronic music career spanning nearly two decades, Sammy Dee has built and solidified a reputation for himself as an innovator of eclectic, off kilter sounds. Sammy began to DJ in the late eighties, and hosted residencies at such clubs as Tresor and Ostgut in his hometown of Berlin in the early nineties. A particular night, which made Ostgut's Panorama bar famous, and which still continues to a packed house is "...Get Perlonized." The night has arguably become one of the most consistently successful club nights in Europe.

Originally organized together with Pantytec production partner and Perlon label co-founder Zip, the duo continues to put together a showcase of unique music, that has now reached an international audience. Complementing Zip, Sammy's unique blend of stripped down house and techno sets have always proved to be part of the foundation of the night. When Sammy is on the decks there is no doubt that he is recognized as one of the key veterans of electronic music.

Aside from his impeccable DJ sets, Sammy Dee is also well known for his successful co-productions. In 1997, having already worked with the likes of Heiko Laux, Sammy's ears were well tuned when he met Zip at the Peak Club in Offenbach. In 1998 Pantytec was formed. The whimsical power collaboration between Sammy and Zip, brought the first release of the still highly acclaimed ep, "Into the Duster," which pushed the two innovators into the then avant-garde minimal spotlight. The 2003 release of the distinguished full-length album "Pony Slaystation" solidified the duo's reputation as one of Perlon's flagship projects. Shortly after Pantytec was formed, Sammy got together with good friend Guido Schneider in 1999 for some studio time. They produced several tracks, but it was not until 2005 that the hit "Styleways," popped onto the charts. The next year formed another imaginative co-production with new Berlin import Bruno Pronsato. The sound of Half Hawaii was introduced to the public with the early 2007 release of "Into You/Out of You" on Perlon. The second Half Hawaii ep "mir nichts/dir nichts" on Hello? Repeat was also widely successful.

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Sammy's website:

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Sammy Dee - DJ Set:

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Live @ The "Lock-In Rave", Minneapolis, 2008:

Live in San Francisco, 2009:



Martinez, by birth Martin Swanstein, was born in 1981 and raised in the southernmost part of Sweden. At an early age he discovered techno and house music. Since he already played various instruments it was a natural progression to begin producing music himself. He also got into DJing and started hunting down techno records and got into mixing. At this time Martinez was too young to attend clubs, so instead he arranged his own techno & house parties on the beach just on the seaside of Helsingborg, with himself and friends as DJs.

In 2000 Martinez moved from his small Swedish hometown to the more open musical climate of the Danish capital, Copenhagen. This encouraged him to put even more time and energy into his music productions and not long after this he landed a record deal with the renowned Guidance label in Chicago.

Martinez's sound begun in the deeper & jazzier fields of electronic music, but in the middle of 2003 Martinez began to feel a stronger passion for the techier and more experimental sides of house music. He started to work more with samples and electro-based sounds as well as introducing something he's coined as "cosmic house" - a spacey house sound mixing up tech, atmosphere and colourful melodies.

Not long after this, Martinez received a call from Steve Bug interested in a release on his deep/tech house imprint, Dessous recordings. This resulted in the "Skywalker EPî, which didn't disappoint and inspired a whole new side to Martinez's music, edgier and more twisted. The more so the better!

In the summer of 2004 Martinez launched his own label, Out Of Orbit Recordings, which has been a platform not only for his own music, but for his friends too: Trentemoller had a huge success with Beta Boy/Orb003 and Zvukbroda, Nima Gorji, Robert Babicz, Jussi Pekka & Robert Leiner have also released material.

Martinez has also released two tracks on the Berlin based Get Physical label. in 2005 ìShadowboxingî came out on Steve Bug's new imprint, Audiomatique Recordings. In November that year, Martinez also released a vinyl only album called ìInternal Spaceî on his Out Of Orbit imprint. It was praised and played by Sven V‰th, John Digweed and Loco Dice to name a few.

Towards the end of 2006 Martinez's music taste and productions began to develop in new directions again, and he ventured deeper into his love for the minimalistic techno-oriented sounds. More stripped down and focused on fewer sounds. After a while in the studio experimenting with this sound he launched a new label called: ìRe:connectedî, an output for Martinez's more minimal and techno-oriented productions. Martinez's first two releases on Re:connected exploded and were highly supported by major international DJs such as Richie Hatwin, Ricardo Villalobos, Sven V‰th, Loco Dice and Miss Kittin. 2007 witnessed the continual success of productions in this vein, and his inspiration has been so overflowing that he will already release his second full length album, "A Chemical Imbalance" in November. This release is a modern techno album with influences of ambient, dub, and early deep house, influenced by his love for the label Guidance.

Martinez also has great deck skills and this, along with impeccable taste, has given him a strong DJ reputation worldwide. He's often seen in the booths of various quality clubs and parties around the globe. Heís played together with major DJs such as Michael Mayer, Miss Kittin, Guido Schneider, Onur Ozer, Loco Dice & Sven B‰th, in clubs such as Weetamix in Geneva, Amnesia & Space in Ibiza, Nitsa in Barcelona, Cocoon in Frankfurt and Panorama Bar in Berlin to name a few.

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Martinez - DJ set recorded at home 09.24.09

Martinez - Live @ Kubik, Hamburg 06.06.09

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Live @ Amnesia Closing Party, Ibiza, :


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