401 6th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Saturday, the 4th of July, 2009

[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant house
every 1st Saturday at The Endup

featuring from Berlin:


(Berghain . Hard Wax . Ostgut Ton . MDR)
(Rekids . B-Pitch Control . Spectral Sound)



(Berghain . Ostgut Ton . Vidab)

Berlin's famed Berghain club (just downstairs from Panoramabar) is not only regarded as one of the hottest on Earth, but has also been called the "techno capital of the world". Nearly synonymous with the club is it's prized resident Marcell Dettmann, whose undeniable talent for moving dance floors resulted in Resident Advisor editors naming his "Berghain 2" CD the #1 mix of 2008 and its readers voting him the #11 DJ in the world. Joining him is fellow Berghain resident and rising star Marcel Fengler, who may not yet have the same recognition worldwide, but can certainly go toe to toe with the world's best when it comes to rocking a dancefloor. Prepare for an evening deep and heady, dark and dirty grooves direct from the epicenter of modern techno.

with special guests:

SASHA BRAVERMAN (Crossroads : Houston)

LENNY DE LA POSSO (Thema . Neoday . Sound Noir : NYC)

and [KONTROL] residents:

NIKOLA BAYTALA (S.W.A.T. . Robsoul . Junior Boys Own)
SAMMY D (Classic . Dirtybird . Magnificent 7)
ALLAND BYALLO (Nightlight . Auralism . Leibe*Detail)


401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $15 after

FREE before 11pm!


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Born on the 26th of October 1977 in Pössneck (Thüringen).

Three hours ago he had caught the last train after a gig in Leipzig, heading for his set in Berlin the very same night. But Dettmann missed to get off – and suddenly has found himself stuck at dead end Hamburg main station: no trains till morning, no one to call for a ride. Promptly – and without any hesitation about the ridiculous charge – he hires a cab, having only one thing in mind: Berlin, Berghain, the Club…

Consequently nothing but the Club as a musical and cultural lifeworld forms and defines the life of Marcel Dettmann, who was born in the GDR in 1977 and raised with east-german youth culture. Influenced by EBM and Wave he faces the offspring of virgin Techno in early nineties’s Berlin and gets socialized with this new-born subcultural scene, whose way of life he shall live and develop until today. On the one hand, he has spun records since 1994 including residency continuum at Berlin’s Ostgut/Berghain right from its opening in 1999. On the other, Dettmann started to produce and release tracks and remixes in 2006. Beside Ostgut Ton first and foremost his self-run label MDR provides the necessary and appropriate outlet: no compromise, free, independent, facilitating the “quest for the optimal track”. His engagement at Berlin’s Technosaur Hard Wax also supports his innate quest: the continuous exploration of electronic music development.

Dettmann’s persistent reply to inquiries on his DJ-style – no doubts about its foundational and just natural club-oriented functionality – simply and sparsely reads “dark” and “the dark side”. At a closer look this brings to light a certain fascination in Techno: a futuristic medium inherently pointing towards the new and unseen, unexplored and unknown, undefined and unexpected.

For Dettmann Techno depicts a determination of both his life and music. At the same time it opens up the needed space to develop thoughts, actions and creations. Eventually Dettmann is having only this space in mind: Berlin, Berghain, the Club…

Marcel Dettmann is one of the local residents of the Berlin club Berghain.

He also runs the label Marcel Dettman Records.

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Resident Advisor feature "Marcel Dettmann: Peak Time":

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Marcel Dettmann's Resident Advisor Mix:

RA Mix writeup + interview:

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Marcel Dettmann - Live in Minneapolis, January 2009:



The musical influences of Marcel Fengler present themselves double tracked. His early teenager years are stamped by HipHop from crews like NWA, Gang Starr and A Tribe called Quest, who have been his undisputed heroes. Even today, Fengler spins some HipHop, but only in private.

His interest in electronic music on the other hand has been inspired by continuous experiences in Berlin based techno clubs like E-Werk in the early 90s. The heavy, progressive synth- and acid sounds of this era still wield some magical power on Fengler today.

"As the musical range today is vaster than ever, it is really important to me in which context I’m playing out my records. That’s why I love traditional labels like Planet E, Axis or Music Man and artists like Ron Trent, Kenny Larkin and Robert Hood as much as I like contemporary artists like Appleblim or DJ Qu."

Since the mid 90s, Marcel played at "Club im Park", a youth club in Fürstenwalde, where he later launched a party series called "SC 93" together with Marcel Dettmann. In 1997 he started to play at Berlin’s Tresor among other clubs and when Berghain openend in 2004, he became a resident on big techno floor. In 2007 he released his first own record on Ostgut-Ton.

"It is important to me that music tells kind of a story using varied styles from all eras. That’s why I favour to build my sets up, then down again. It has to be varied and it has to snake through the night in waves."

In 2007 Marcel has started to produce his own music as well. His tracks and remixes are directly influenced by the heavy Techno sound of the Berghain. His complex drum sounds and his generally rough sound design connect seamlessly to his often more than five hour long DJ sets.

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Exclusive mix and interview for MNML SSGS, November 2008:

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Marcel Fengler on Berghain/Panoramabar Show @ Berlin Mitte Institute:

Marcel Fengler @ Sundown Beach Club - Feb 2009:



Originally from the New York area, Sasha Braverman has been involved in underground dance music since 1993. As a member of F.E.S.P. productions, a DJ collective and production company formed in the early 90s, he promoted dance music as an event coordinator, DJ and graphic designer. In 1996, Sasha relocated to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon University to study Industrial Design.

While in Pittsburgh, Sasha gained valuable experience as a professional DJ. Performing at numerous events throughout the Pittsburgh-Cleveland and northeast areas, he was featured among some of the most prominent DJs and producers in techno including; Marco Carola, Billy Nasty, Juan Atkins, Daniel Bell, Chris Liberator, Adam X, and Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir. For 3 years running, Sasha's radio show on WRCT Pittsburgh 88.3FM soaked the Pittsburgh airwaves with underground dance music and featured numerous international guest DJs.
In 2000 Sasha relocated to Houston, TX and while establishing himself among the dance music culture in Texas, began to explore new sounds and directions as a DJ. Focusing on the deeper sounds of techno, house and electro, Sasha has stayed at the forefront of the minimal explosion while maintaing an affinity for his early Detroit and European techno incluences. Joining forces w/ Henry Chow (Zenit, Masterplan), Andrei Morant (Planet Rhythm, Scope) and other local artists, he has promoted events focusing on minimal house and techno. Recent guests have included live performances by Maetrik, Lee Curtiss, Agaric and DJ sets by Tim Xavier, Daniel Bell, Jeff Samuel and Audion. Recent DJ appearances include opening sets for Richie Hawtin, Justin Martin and Mikael Stavöstrand.

Currently a resident at Crossroads Fridays and Rekliner, a monthly event at Houston’s unique Downtown lounge, Dean’s Credit Clothing, Sasha also makes frequent guest appearances at clubs and events throughout Texas.

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Sasha Braverman - Manifesto Communique 002:



Leonardo de la Posso has been involved in New York City's underground music scene since 1991, first as a dancer at some of the hottest underground clubs in NYC at the time (Red Zone, Quicks, Soul Kitchen, Tunnel, Mars, Japans, Engine Room, Sound Factory) By the mid nineties he had taken up the incurable habit of Djing and amassing a library of vinyl to be proud of. Lenny's name is on several of these releases as he has designed for a slew of labels from around the world. He has also started several successful weekly and bi-monthly parties (Composition, MILQ ~pre robots~, Rebel-also one of the resident DJ's for the successful PHONO events), where he DJ's alongside numerous respected international and local artists in the electronic underground music scene. His motivation lies in the pursuit to positively engage the audience with the most current and obscure sounds of today, as well as yesterday. Never forget your past or you will never know where to go in the future.

Currently he started a record label coming out of Brooklyn, NYC, called Thema. The essence of Thema is to create a multi-artist platform to help cultivate the scene here in NYC and and its presence in the underground international circuit; to establish a label that focus' on the progression of forward thinking electronic music with like minded individuals from around the world.

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Lenny de la Posso - City Life



Official Website: http://www.kontrolsf.com

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