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Saturday, November 6th, 2010

[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant house
every 1st Saturday at The Endup

featuring from Toronto via Berlin:


(Dumb-Unit . Trapez . WMF Records)
(Ware . Num . Alphahouse . Adjunct)

Toronto ex-pat Jeremy P. Caulfield is the man behind the acclaimed
"neuro-minimal" label Dumb-Unit, and a globally respected DJ/producer
of over 15 years. His sophisticated take on intricate techno and minimal
has taken him around the world, playing both live and DJing at some
of the best clubs and festivals around (Mutek, DEMF, Fabric, Fuse)
in addition to holding down a residency at Berlin's famed Watergate club.
When Jeremy last played for us, due to some technical misshaps he
was unable to play the set he'd prepared, and yet, practically "flying
blind", still delivered one of the most memorable sets of recent years.
We're stoked to have him back, and can't wait to hear him at full power!

and also from Berlin:

::: DAVE DK :::

(Moodmusic . Playhouse . Raum...Musik)
(M¸ller . Tresor/Globus . Panoramabar)

Veteran DJ and producer Dave DK has been actively involved in music
from the age of 17, releasing his first record in 1998 and soon after
securing residencies at Berlin's legendary clubs Tresor/Globus and
Panoramabar. He characterizes himself as someone who tries to defy
categorization, and loves incorporating a wide range of sounds, from
house to techno to dance classics, into his famously warm and groovy
sets. With two fulll length LPs and several EPs already under his belt,
Dave recently released his debut mix CD "Retake One" on Moodmusic.
Don't miss his highly anticipated SF debut!

plus a special guest appearance by SF's own:

::: JASON SHORT - live :::

(Auralism . Karloff . Lobotomy . Nightlight)
(Coalition of the Killing . Eutactic . Kyaro)

The prolific head honcho at Auralism makes his long-overdue
[KONTROL] debut with a new live set that's sure to leave people
talking! Jason's tireless contributions to the SF techno scene simply
cannot be understated. Go Jason, go Auralism, go SF!

with residents:

CRAIG KUNA (Mothership . Platform . ESDJCO)

SAMMY D (Classic . Dirtybird . Utensil . Magnificent 7)

NIKOLA BAYTALA (S.W.A.T. . Robsoul . Junior Boys Own)


401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $20

FREE before 11pm!




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At a time when so much techno feels like endless variations on a played-out theme, itís heartening to know that there are still a handful of artists, labels and DJs who can combine experience, skill and forward-looking ideals in style. Step forward Jeremy P. Caulfield, who amply ticks all of the above boxes.

As proprietor of leading neuro-minimal imprint Dumb-Unit, DJ of widely-acclaimed repute, and occasional producer of stripped-back, ominous dancefloor bombs, Jeremy has emerged from his early days on the Canadian techno circuit to become a leading light of todayís underground club scene. Using his fifteen years of DJing experience as a springboard, Jeremy has utilised Dumb-Unit as a pivotal platform for the blossoming careers of artists including Butane, Lee Curtiss, Sweet Ní Candy and Seph, loosely defining a hinterland micro-scene of murky, intricate sounds that play with the darkest recesses of the mind while remaining firmly attached the propulsive drive of the dance-floor.

Itís an ambiguous definition best articulated by his series of Detached:Works mix tapes and CDs, which over the course of three volumes and 10 years neatly plots Jeremyís evolution from sparky underground enthusiast to undisputed connoisseur of finely-tuned contemporary techno. From early residencies at Torontoís legendary Blue and Fukhouse parties (where he knocked around with like-minded local jocks Adam Marshall, Ian Guthrie and Jeff Milligan, while playing alongside techno deities like Richie Hawtin, Derrick May and Jeff Mills), Jeremyís established himself as one of North Americaís finest DJs. In 2008 alone, alongside his residency at Watergate, (in his adopted home of Berlin) Jeremy has played nearly every weekend across the globe, including gigs at renown clubs and festivals such as Fabric, Fuse, Mutek, and the Sonne Mond Sterne Festival and tours of Japan, Australia and South America .

Meanwhile, his rare but intricate rocking live shows surface every once in a while to remind us that his darkly-tinged, boiled-down beats and distantly unsettling grooves are one of the most precious jewels in the jagged DU crown. Check his killer releases Dumb-Unit, Trapez and WMF if you need any proof.

Somewhere between his smart, re-edit heavy sets, his vigorously spiky artist releases, and his scandalously consistent label, there lurks the charred, elusive heart of Jeremy P. Caulfield. The fun part is trying to find it.

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Jeremy's tour blog:

===> AUDIO:

Jeremy P. Caulfield - FWD0105

Jeremy P. Caulfield - DJ set @ Resolute DEMF after party 2010

===> VIDEO:

Interview @ D.Edge, Brazil, 2008:

Jeremy P. Caulfield - Live @ MUTEK, Montreal - 2008:



DJ & producer Dave DK has been making waves in the electronic music scene for a couple of years now, and now starting to emerge as a serious player. Since the early 90's he was fascinated by the upcoming techno movement, which eventually led to his own active initiation. 1995 was the starting point for the then 17 year old. Together with a longtime friend, Dave produced his first tracks and was involved in the organization of underground techno and house parties, constantly trying to spread and push new electronic music.

Searching for new electronic sounds every day and having honed his skills as a producer in his chosen home Berlin, Dave released his first record on M¸ller Records in 1998. His DJ activities had been highly pushed since that time. In 1999 he became a resident DJ at Tresor/Globus club in Berlin, later on also at the legendary Panorama Bar. Beside his remix productions for Beroshima and Skieb‰ck he released records on raum...musik., Decore, Lifetime Music and Cadeaux. As Dave is an open minded person who resents musical limits, he doesnít want to be reduced to one style. His sound simply is the result of different styles that have influenced him throughout the years. "I have a passion for the wide range between house and techno as well as pop music and dancefloor stuff of the early 90's", says Dave. Though heís elegantly juggling a variety of electronic music to create his own style, in his tracks he often combines tragic melodies with kickiní grooves that transform your body into a twisting stampede of electricity, with trademark swing and warm funk.

The year 2000 can be marked as the first highlight in his career: his debut album "Sensory Overload" had been released on M¸ller Records and there were musical excursions on Cologneís Television label as well as on the Barcelona based Regular label. Dave is now currently recording for Moodmusic and also on Playhouse (a collaboration with Holger "Smash TV" Zilske) which brings him even closer to his idea of electronic house tunes.

In November 2007 Dave released his second album "Lights and Colours" on Moodmusic.

For Dave DK, music is a model of living in which heís able to enhance his skills in order to realise his vision of modern electronic club and home entertainment ñ expect more fantastic music in the very near future. Late 2010 sees the release of Daveís first Mix CD on Moodmusic called RETAKE ONE.

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===> AUDIO:

Dave DK - Galaktika Podcast 116 - November 2009
(click through link to get to the download page)

===> VIDEO:

Interview: Dave DK in Berlin

Dave DK - Live in Minsk 2009:



Jason Short is a burgeoning San Francisco artist and the label manager for Auralism Records. For over 12 years he has been producing original material under his own name, along with the collaborative efforts Eutactic, Kyaro, and most notably Coalition of the Killing, who was named one of Beatport's ìMinimal Artists to Watchî in 2009. During his career heís called a few music scenes his home, including Chicago and Miami, but Shortís greatest contributions musically have been in San Francisco. It is here that he has refined his diverse and restless tastes, allowing him to share stages with both fringe artists and dance floor populists. The reason his music can stand so comfortably at both ends of electronic musicís poles is due to his unique vision as a producer. A vision that was forged at the age of four, spending time each day with his stepfather in the recording studio pushing buttons and turning knobs on analog synths and Atari sequencers. Over the years, Short has also showed his daring presence as a DJ and live act at numerous events including Soundwave 2010, Auralism Showcase w/ Franklin de Costa in Ecuador 2010, the Cecille & Oslo showcase at the WMC (Winter Music Conference) 2009, the DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) after parties in 2008 & 2009, Lovefest (San Francisco) 2008 & 2009, the SAMC (South American Music Conference) in Ecuador 2008, as well as other events in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and Los Angeles.

In 2010, Short has follow-up tours of South America and of Europe planned as well as releases on Auralism and Blipswitch Digital. He is also actively exhibiting his growing collection of unreleased material ñ adding to his already extensive discography. Some of this material includes dub oriented sounds co-produced with Dub Mission founder DJ Sep as well as a full-length album. His highly refined live sets are sure to make a big splash this year with an array of fat, analog synth lines and cutting edge drum machine programming. Few contemporaries are as bold as Short, with a sound best described as a dense, heavily layered thicket of techno containing bold contrasts of gentle mid range tones, deep space harmonics, and hefty bass surprises. Jason Short is an electronic musician on the cusp of greatness; this will be his year.

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Jason Short - Plasmodium Podcast 44:

===> VIDEO:

Jason Short - Live @ Sonus, Oakland 2010:




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