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[SF] 01.02.10 [KONTROL] w/ Guy Gerber & Alexi Delano

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant house
every 1st Saturday at The Endup

featuring from Tel Aviv, Israel:


(Supplement Facts . Cocoon . Cadenza)

Combining elements of techno, minimal, house, and
progressive with stirring melodies and a generous
amount of talent, Guy Gerber has taken the dance
music world by storm over the last several years,
culminating in him receiving the award for Best
Minimal Artist at the 2009 DJ Awards in Ibiza.

and from New York City:


(Plus 8 . Clink . Svek . Poker Flat . Plastic City)

Born in Chile and raised in Sweden where he
began his prolific production career alongside
friend Cari Lekebusch, Alexi Delano has covered
considerable range in his 20+ years in the biz,
from techno and minimal under his own name,
to deep house under his popular ADNY moniker.

plus special guest:


(Karloff . Auralism . Nightlight)

Marc Smith is a true gem of SF's ever burgeoning
techno community, both in the studio and behind
his gear. Whether performing solo or alongside
fellow Auralism cohort Jason Short as Coalition
Of The Killing, Marc's melodic grooves and
bouncy beats always get the dance floor moving.

with residents:

SAMMY D (Classic . Dirtybird . Utensil . Magnificent 7)

ALLAND BYALLO (Nightlight . Liebe*Detail . Missive)

NIKOLA BAYTALA (S.W.A.T. . Robsoul . Junior Boys Own)

CRAIG KUNA (Mothership . Platform . ESDJCO)


401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $20

FREE before 11pm!


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Guy Gerber has been stirring up electronic audiences with his anthem releases and live shows for quite some time. After countless productions for major labels, dance ensembles, and electro rock bands which earned him many awards and praises, Guy was ready for a major hit. His universally embraced single on Bedrock Records "Stoppage Time" became the stand out anthem of the year at the likes of Cocoon at Amnesia and DC 10. The single has surpassed the 5-digit mark in sales and continues to shift by the truckload and to appear on numerous compilations.

Last summer's success led to Guy joining the Cocoon family. First came "This Is Balagan", which attracted Svenís attention to Guyís unique melodies and production skills. "Sea of Sand", a collaboration with Shlomi Aber which appeared on Cocoonís Compilation F, with its breath taking memorable melody, introduced Guyís production to a wide new range of electronic audiences. When the single came out, accompanied by After Love, Guy was already spotted as the hottest name around. On New Yearís Eve 2007, Guy introduced to the world his new live show, thus marking a new phase in his career.

While touring with his live show, Guy was busy working on two other projects which played a major roll in his life. His album "Late Bloomers", which demonstrates Guy's vast knowledge of the history of music, was released on Cocoon May 2007, and is currently supported by a world tour. The other is Guy's self imprint Supplement Facts, considered to be one of the fast growing choice labels around.

As a touring artist, Guy has embraced the Ableton software to create a unique experience, rocking festivals across the world from MUTEK in Montreal to Movement in Detroit, Sonar in Barcelona, and God's Kitchen in the UK. Shows across Europe alongside the likes of Richie Hawtin, Tiefschwarz and Mathew Jonson have put him in the premier league of touring artists in recent years.

All this success may have been a surprise to Guy if you'd have told him when he was 15 how his life might turn out. As a member of his native Israel's Under 16s national football team, he started to play guitar and very quickly his love of football was replaced by an obsession with music. Listening to bands like Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, Soft Cell, and The Beach Boys, Guy established a unique understanding for music that has informed his musical development, and from which flows his unique sound of bittersweet harmonies, natural mixture of strong and deep grooves, and futuristic bass lines.

Most recently, Guy was named best minimal act of 2009 at the prestigious DJ Awards in Ibiza.

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Guy Gerber - Save The Cannibals Podcast:

Guy Gerber - Live @ Minitek, NYC 2008:

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Guy Gerber @ Mayday, Budapest - 2009:

Guy Gerber @ Electric Zoo, NYC - 2009:



Alexi Delano started DJing in the mid-1980's as his love for hip-hop, R&B, funk, and soul pushed him to spread his musical tastes to the world around him. Born in Chile, and raised in Sweden, Alexi started a radio show from a suburb of Stockholm at the tender age of 15.

In the late 1980's, Alexi took a trip to Spain where he discovered electronic music and more specifically, house music. Upon returning to Sweden, Alexi's interest in electronic based dance music was born. Teaming up with his friend Cari Lekebusch, Alexi and Cari co-produced Alexi's first record entitled 'Life on the Other Side' for Swedish based Loop records. After being received very well by the dance community, Alexi started to produce more and more for a number of different labels including Cari Lekebush's own imprint Hybrid, Tim Taylor's imprint Missile, Steve Bug's label Raw Elements, Plumphouse, Svek, Jericho, Primevil, Christian Smith's Strive label, Earthtones, and now Plastic City.

In the mid-1990's, Alexi relocated to NYC to seek both new inspirations while at the same time developing his skills as a musical producer. Since transplanting to NYC, Alexi has continued assaulting dance floors worldwide with his DJing around the continent, many solo productions, and collaborations with artists such as Jesper Dahlback (a.k.a. The Persuader), Cari Lekebusch, Casey Hogan, and Lucas Rodenbush. Since arriving in NYC, Alexi has spent much of his time developing his A.D.N.Y. moniker. A recent long-player out on the Earthtones label collaborated with Jesper Dahlback as well as his A.D.N.Y. presents Leiva album on Plastic City are two of the most current projects. While, Alexi did collaborate with Casey Hogan on some of the tracks for Leiva, it is in essence his debut solo album.

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Alexi Delano - Live @ Horeb Bar, Medellin - 2008:

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Alexi Delano - Live @ Compression, LA - 2008:



With a talent for insane melodies and harmonies, Auralism co-founder Marc Smith is a producer driven by a musical calling since childhood. From the life-changing moment when blues legend B.B. King pulled the 12-year-old guitar player onstage during a concert, Smith has remained committed to music-makingóalbeit, as it turned out, with a slant more towards Moog than Gibson. In the early years of the millennium, while living in Jacksonville, FL, he cranked out house with a progressive edge, operating first as Groove Element with Chris Havens, and then later as Biogenesis with Havens and fellow Auralism founder Jason Short. From 2001 onward, Biogenesis saw several well-received releases on Xplosion Records, Nepol Records, and, most recently in 2007, Hype Records. In 2003, Smith joined forces with Short again as Coalition of the Killing, a project that sprang from their mutual admiration for minimal techno's first inspiring wave, but which quickly developed into a more musical, pelvis-jostling sound all their own. Two years later, he helped to birth Auralism Records as a mouthpiece for COTK's prodigious outputóand the rest is history, as they say. Now, flying solo in 2008 Smith veers towards the Teutonic end of the dance-music pool, creating propulsive techno packed tightly with otherworldly subterranean groans and bright syncopated rhythms. For his releases on Auralism, Smith says, "What I like about techno is its out-of-the-ordinary, dirty element. It's a little bit more carnal, you know? I've been focusing on using as few elements as possible, and getting the most impact out of each one. I'm a big fan of the 'less is more' aesthetic!"

2009 has already seen Smith garnering praise from the DJ community for his solo contribution to Auralism's annual Primaveral compilation entitled "Insisting upon its self". He and Short as COTK were also just recently highlighted as one of Beatport's artists to watch this year. The duo plan to tour this August to capitalize on these accolades. But hey, let the guy catch his breath, he's still savoring his amazing set from the "Night Moves" party at this year's Movement Festival in Detroit. If it all seems like a whirlwind flash of heat and smoke recently, that's because for Smith it has been. "One of the reasons for that", surmises Smith, "[is that] It seems as if the pipeline between San Francisco and the European electronic music industry is really opening up. We have so much talent here it is easy to forget there is anything else going on in the world of electronic music." But one things for sure, instead of trippin' on the E-G-O Smith has chosen to work even harder on his music with a focus on more groovin' cuts outside of his normal comfort zone. He's also branching out with some upcoming collaborations with other noted San Francisco producers such as Alland Byallo and Clint Stewart that should see the light of day later this year. Marc Smith is undoubtedly one artist to keep an eye on this year.

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Marc Smith - Live PA @ Bionic, SF - 2009 (first half of set):



Official Website: http://www.kontrolsf.com

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