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Saturday, September 5th, 2009

[ K O N T R O L ]

minimal techno + avant house
every 1st Saturday at The Endup

featuring from Geneva, Switzerland:

(STHLMaudio . Resopal . Minibar . Perspectiv . Leena . Plak)

Swiss born AgnËs has produced for a host of respected labels in recent years, also finding time to release quality music on his own label, STHLMaudio. While he first caught the world's attention with the dubby, minimal tech-house he was crafting a couple years ago, these days he's been reconnecting with his deep house roots in a unique way that dancefloors can't resist.

and from Berlin, Germany:

(Hello?Repeat . Moon Harbour . Panoramabar)

Jan Krueger is a resident at top Berlin clubs Panoramabar and Watergate, and the man behind the on point Hello?Repeat label, home to Daze Maxim, Bruno Pronsato, Cabanne, Audio Werner and more. After headlining our January show, Jan so impressed us that when we heard he was back in the States this month, we knew we had to invite him back for an encore!

plus special guest:

(Moniker . Auralism . Nightlight . Binary)

Kenneth Scott has been a busy boy in the last few years. In addition to hosting his monthly Binary events and DJing all over the city, he's also spent much time in the studio,
producing for local labels Auralism, Nightlight, and Blipswitch, as well as producing and performing live with Emilio "EO" Orlandi as Moniker, and Jason Short as Eutactic.

and residents:

ALLAND BYALLO (Nightlight . Auralism . Leibe*Detail)
***Celebrating his "Brick By Brick" LP release!***


NIKOLA BAYTALA (S.W.A.T. . Robsoul . Junior Boys Own)


401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $15 til 2am

FREE before 11pm!


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AgnËs is known for his usual deep, dubbed-out minimal techno productions, but frequently explores more house-influenced rhythms and textures as well. AgnËs runs the Geneva-based label Sthlmaudio Recordings. Launched in 2003, Sthlmaudio has released tracks by AgnËs, Ripperton, Alessandro Crimi, Chaton, Cabanne, Baaz, Azuni, Skat, and Luka & Lazo to name a few. In 2007 he released his debut album ìDumbles Debutsî on Resopal Schallware and has well received EPs on labels like Minibar, Plak Records, Einmaleins Musik, Perspectiv Records, Leena and LoMidhigh. Releases under his aliases Ray Valioso and Cavalier on Deep Vibes, Drumpoet Community and Real Soon only increased his reputation. With live and DJ sets, played around the globe, the clever Swiss producer is taking your dancing requests more than seriously. With his now established very personal sound definition and always grooving, evolving modern beat structures you can expect a mind-blowing experience.

Below is the official AgnËs biography as of mid 2009:

AgnËs always dreamed about being a musician. A Jazz drummer for example, being scheduled in White Horse for two weeks and the next two in Mourmansk or elsewhere where people are just real. But he's not. He's just a farmer out of nowhere able to handle computers. The redneck understood bits and bytes well beyond everybody's believes and bets... So what do you want to expect from that kind of guy? Honesty, straight forward thinking and sympathy. If this is what you want, ask for him, if you need the usual hypocrisy and fake ass shit, pass your way. There's plenty of those doing that far better then him.

===> LINKS:

AgnËs' Discography:

STHLMaudio website:

===> AUDIO:

AgnËs - Live PA @ Hidden, Solothurn, Switzerland - May 2008:

AgnËs - Ibiza-Voice podcast, 2008:

===> VIDEO:

AgnËs - Live @ Kindergarten, Bologna:



It's 1995 in D¸sseldorf - Jan's hometown - and he's consumed by the Music of Labels like M-Plant, Relief, Sound Signature, Planet E and Phono. Jan owes his first steps to present his record selection (to those other than his lovely dog and cat) to a very good friend who holds a residency at one of the best underground clubs for electronic music, an old wine cellar located in Wuppertal, near D¸sseldorf. Here he had the pleasure to play alongside artists who had inspired him since the early nineties. In short - this is the precise starting point of a never ending story fuelled by love for the music.

In 1996, Jan started to work for a record store and focused on hosting his own parties starring international guests like Daniel Bell, Matthew Herbert, Ata and Steve Bug. Around the same time, he met the young and promising producer Daze Maxim. Both clicked right away and found out that they have a quite similar interest in electronic music. Both decided to start some excursions in Maxim's backroom studio to produce deep and minimal house tracks, which were finally released on Matthias Tanzmann's Moon Harbour Recordings in 2001.

Three years later, Jan determined after sleepless nights to move away from D¸sseldorf and all his friends in order to start a new chapter in Hamburg. Because of his long friendship to the staff of Germany's leading distribution company Word and Sound, it was a logical step to take on a position as sales manager there. As a consequence of all this, it wasn't long before he proposed to Daze that they set up a platform for him and friends to release music. Hello?Repeat was born.

As a DJ, Jan is adept in the late night hours, playing his highly individual and addictive mixture of deep house, minimal, and techno with rough edges, always focused on the dance floor. Today Jan lives in Berlin and holds a residency at Panoramabar and Watergate and plays considerably abroad to represent the high quality sound of Hello?Repeat.

===> LINKS:

Jan Krueger's discography:

Hello?Repeat Website:

===> AUDIO:

Jan Krueger - Live @ Dayshift, Portland - May 2009

Jan Krueger - Live @ Watergate, Berlin - 2009

===> VIDEO:

Jan Krueger - Live @ The Old Miami, DEMF 2008

Hello?Repeat label party @ P3P, Brussels 2007



Kenneth Scott makes small-scale techno with large sonic concerns. Producing music as Eutactic with Auralism label head Jason Short, as Moniker with Emilio "EO" Orlandi, and under his own name for friend Alland Byallo's Nightlight Music, Scott takes cues from early Warp records, Matthew Dear's acid experimentation as Audion, and minimal-minded composers like Philip Glass and Arvo Part. The results eye the "minimal" label with suspicion, combining techy snares, reptilian synths, and subtle layers of melody into something melodic, funky, and emotional -- uncategorizable and catchy as hell, just how Scott likes it. "I think that trance really ruined melodies and arpeggios for everyone," he says, "and only now are people a bit more open to it." Scott was raised in a small, rural Iowa town, where he nursed an obsession with dance music while exploring its tiny scene. He learned a bit of every instrument he could get his hands on, while DJing his first house parties with his father's old turntable, a portable CD player, and a Radio Shack mixer. Scott's been honing his craft in the years since, running San Francisco's successful Binary party, DJing alongside Pan Pot, Lee Curtiss, and Argenis Brito, and creating music with collaborators Jason Short, Alland Byallo, and Emilio Orlandi. Now he's ready to open the floodgates. "I want to create dance-floor friendly, funky, jacking, sonically dexterous, soulful music," he says. "I want to make a crowd tear up, as well as pump their fists."

===> LINKS:

Kenneth Scott's discography:

Kenneth's full updated bio + upcoming releases:

===> AUDIO:

Kenneth Scott - Hive AM Classics Vol. 1

===> VIDEO:

Kenneth Scott - Live @ The Hive Closing Party, 2009

Moniker (Kenneth Scott + Eo) - Live PA @ Aural Therapy, 2009



Official Website: http://www.kontrolsf.com

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