401 6th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Saturday, August 4th, 2007
minimal techno + avant-house
every 1st Saturday @ The Endup
featuring from Poland:
( Crostown Rebels . Trapez . Trenton . Respoal . Dirtybird )
Deeop and Ketiov started off as DJs intent on exposing Poland
to the new sounds of techno and house, which quickly led
them to hosting popular club events and a weekly radio show.
In the last few years they've blown up as producers, dropping
sought-after releases and remixes on hot labels like Crosstown
Rebels, Trapez, Trenton, and SF's own Dirtybird. Now, taking
their talent to the final frontier, they're touring their live set
across North America for the first time.

and a world premiere performance by [KONTROL]'s own:
( Leibe*Detail . Floppy Funk )
Between his roles as DJ, producer, remixer, netradio and
live radio host, graphic designer, and webmaster, Alland
Byallo is clearly a man on a techno mission. This month,
riding high on a slew of ace productions, he too takes it
up a notch with the world premiere of his all original LIVE

plus special guest:
( The Endup . djnikita.com )
Nikita regularly rocks The Endup alongside Nikola Baytala
Sunday mornings after Kontrol is "technically" over. Those
who stay though, know the party keeps rocking until noon,
making for monthly 14-hour techno marathons. Tonight we're
pleased to give you "night people" a taste of what you've been

and [KONTROL] residents:
NIKOLA BAYTALA ( Robsoul . Junior Boys Own . S.W.A.T. )
& CRAIG KUNA ( Concept SF . ESDJCO )
401 6th St @ Harrison, SF
10pm - 6am / 21+ / $15
FREE until 11pm!

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3 Channels are Deeop (Grzegorz Demianczuk) and Ketiov (Wojciech Taranczuk). Their acquaintance began in 2003 when Ketiov started to spin his first records in clubs like Sonar and Taras Caffe and Deeop was already widely known for his enormous record collection and participation in every party in the city of Stettin. In late 2003 they organized their first mutual party at Mezzoforte club, which was a huge success. Logically they became resident DJ's there, which gave them a chance to organize their own parties simply named "Electronic House". The idea was to promote new dance music completely different from what was played in most of the Polish clubs at the time. The "Electronic House" parties had the privilege to welcome such people as Tom Clark, Dub Taylor, John Tejada, Wighnomy Brothers, Todd Bodine, Matthias Tanzmann, and Duplex 100.
In September 2003 they broadcasted their first radio show called "Session" at the local ABC Radio alongside with their old mate Vitek. After a year "Session" evolved into the 3 Channels project. Later the radio show was broadcast under the name of "Plastelina" and could be heard every Thursday from 6pm to 7pm. "Plastelina" has no sound limits one simple goal, which is to promote modern electronic music from downtempo to house, tech-house and techno.
After half a year of co-operation with Votchik, 3 channels decided to start producing. They released their 2 first records on Trenton ("Split EP" and "Superficial") followed by 1 EP each on Trapez and Crosstown Rebels, which showed a more minimal side of their work. After a few more realeses they made many remixes for artists like Claude VonStroke, Yappac, Richard Bartz, Jacek Sienkiewicz and many more. Three months ago they launched their own label called Channels Rec. and started to release tracks from producers like SLG and Giorgos Gatzigristos. Right now 3 Channels have begun their new project called Catz n' Dogz on the SF label Dirtybird and well known german label Mobilee.

All these releases showed 3 Channels versatility and collected a lot of good reviews all over the world in media outlets like The BBC and Anja Schneider's popular radio show "Dance Under The Blue Moon", leading them to become a very popular DJ team in Poland and Europe. Finally 3 Channels started playing live...mixing, fx'ing, cutting, and spliting. With their known tracks and unreleased and forthcomming material they are building a very explosive mixture ready for the floor! Welcome to the 2 man show...in your face!

3 Channels' Website:
3 Channels on MySpace:
3 Channels' Discography:
3 Channels 2006 Promo DJ Mix:


A Los Angeles native now residing in San Francisco, Russian-blooded Alland Byallo has broken into the electronic music scene with his own unique blend of minimal tech funk. Alland's taste, coupled with his research and digging, always instills an undeniable groove and tickles the chin-scratching trainspotting senses.
Alland's involvement with music didn't just start from splurging and buying some 1200's. Having been raised with music since the age of 5 playing piano, and adding trumpet at age 11, it only seemed natural for Alland to follow up his skills and training by sharing his taste in quality music with people as a DJ, and pursuing production. Lately, Alland has been quite busy in the studio working hard on his own unique take on electronic dance music, blending the ethics of minimal techno with the moods and feel of house music.
Alland has hosted the infamous netradio show Comfort Sessions for four years, only recenlty switching to an On-Demand format with Proton Radio, the most respected netradio portal in Underground Electronic music. The show is inspired by a couple of things: The admiration and respect for some of the most talented names out there, and the love of enlightening and educating others about music and the brilliant artists who make it all happen. Alland has made it his mission to give back to the local and global scene that has given so much to him; to make the world aware of the missions of those around him that truly deserve recognition and respect.
Currently, A&R for his own digital label, Nightlight Music and his upcoming label Kvadrat Produkt, takes up much of Alland's time. Nightlight Music started as a digital label used as an outlet for Alland's personal music projects. But since it's inception, the label has grown to accomodate some of the world's most talented and passionate tech-house artists. Kvadrat Produkt is a new label that Alland is creating to fill a certain void. "Minimal Yet Musical" is the motto for this venture. As the name implies (Kvadrat meaning "square" in many languages), the vehicle is minimalism, yet filled with mass that supports the structure.
After releasing a slew of successful and well-received tracks over the last two years on respected European labels such as Leibe*Detail, Floppy Funk, Immigrant, and Shva Musik, Alland has recently devoted his time to putting together a live set that will surely be making its way across America and the rest of the world soon. [KONTROL] is extremely proud to present the world premiere of Alland's live performance on his home court at SF's legendary Endup.

Alland's Website:
Alland on MySpace:
Alland's Discography:


It wasn't too long ago that Nikita ventured out from Denver, Colorado to California to pursue his dreams of working in the music industry. Nikita's music career began in San Francisco promoting the long-running 177 Club Townsend a.k.a. Club Universe and attending SFSU where he studied Audio Engineering and Music Business. In the past six years Nikita's perseverance and pure love for quality dance music has placed him among the top DJs of San Francisco's world-famous club scene.
In 2005 Nikita was chosen to host his own radio show on Northern California's Energy 92.7 FM – The Massive Mix. Recognizing his popularity with the local crowds and his cutting edge DJ style, executives at California's only FM dance station knew what most clubbers have already come to realize: if you want a fresh, cutting edge dance party with the hippest crowd, look no further than Nikita. It was Nikita's raw talent that landed him a residency at San Francisco's legendary nightclub, The EndUp, as well as his recently acquired bi-weekly residency at the internationally acclaimed Supperclub.
Whether it's 2 or 8 hours, Nikita's sets at The EndUp take you on a ride seamlessly blending deep melodic grooves, techno, breaks, and twisted tribal-tech house, yet still keeping it soulful and deep, bending all genres and creating a unique dance floor experience that continues to draw a diverse audience. Currently Nikita is working on his own music productions, so be sure to look out for his releases hitting speakers sometime soon!
For the last several months Nikita has played the post-Kontrol opening Sunday morning sets at the Endup alongside fellow Endup resident Nikola Baytala, effectively stretching the event into a monthly 14-hour techno marathon. No longer content with sharing his talent with only the morning crowd, we are pleased to present this local hero to the [KONTROL] faithful with a proper peak hour set.

Nikita's Website:
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Official Website: http://www.kontrolsf.com

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