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Free Online Conference Series
Social Media Methodology Round Table #1
Four Quadrant Assessment Model
You need a map to reach your final destination. Once you know where to go the first thing you search on the map: “Where am I”. The assessment model helps you find where you are and indicates the routes you should go.
Small / Medium Business Advantage

Too many social media marketing campaigns evaporate as random noise in a world of 400 million participants. Too many social media business initiatives end up with just no tangible result - what so ever.

How to prevent those mistakes? What can you do to make sure your social engagement will be successful. Providing a model that GUARANTEES success sound like an old world marketing BS. But despite the fact it sounds unbelievable - we are very close to that goal. As an old Chinese saying goes - in the first step there lays the whole journey. The social media assessment is the most critical first step as it determines the the whole project.

- The general impact of social media to your business
- The SOMA Methodology framework
- Four quadrant assessment model (One of seven methods)
- The key elements of making the assessment right
- Real world experience using the model

Take away
- Learn about the Social Media Academy Methodology set
- Get an understanding about the strategic implications of Social Media
- Get an idea how you can better assess your eco system
- Get an idea about social media business advantages and career opportunities

Target Audience:
- Small / Medium Business owners and managers across all industries.

Date / Time:
September 25 - 2009
60 minutes, 11:00 - 12:00 am – (PST)

Official Website: http://www.socialmedia-academy.com/html/us-knowledgeseries_m01.cfm

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