1587 Mass Ave
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

The Knight News Challenge gives away $5MM a year to innovative online projects that support online news, community discourse and social media in specific local communities.

Come find out how to apply, share ideas, and talk with Knight Foundation staff member Kristen Taylor.

See http://newschallenge.org for more information, and workshop your great idea in the News Challenge Garage before you apply:

And if you can’t come, tune into the webcast and hop on the IRC channel at irc://irc.freenode.net/berkmanbloggroup to learn what’s happening in the room.

Official Website: http://garage.newschallenge.org

Added by kthread on October 7, 2008



Upcoming still has the address for the Berkman Center wrong - we're actually at 23 Everett St.!

Also, since I can't be there, I'm not sure we can promise a webcast... will see what can be done.


The address is now fixed.